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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Petplan’s Pinterest Pins

For those of you who are just now joining us for our Content Marketing Campaign of the week series I’ll catch you up a bit. For the past 4 week’s we have been featuring the best of the best content marketing campaigns from companies in all kinds of different industries. You can catch up on all the previous weeks’ campaigns by using the links at the bottom of this post. But first, this week’s featured campaign comes from Petplan®.

Pet Plan's Pinterest Content Marketing CampaignPetplan faced a common problem in marketing their product that many companies encounter:  a “boring” product. Petplan is a pet insurance company, and insurance in general is not a likeable topic. But Petplan used Pinterest to engage and entertain people. Not only did they find a way around their “boring” product, they excelled at creating a great content marketing campaign.

What better platform to use for visually rich content, such as pictures of dogs, cats, bunnies, iguanas and many other adorable four-legged friends, than Pinterest. While many of their boards and pins have nothing to do directly with healthcare for pets, Petplan’s use of boards gives an endless amount of informative and entertaining content. Here are just a few examples:

Breed All About It – not only do these pins highlight the personality, history and fun facts about different breeds of dogs and cats, it also educates readers about common, breed-specific health issues. This information serves the purpose to give people interesting information, but also keeps the idea about health issues in mind.

DIY Pet Projects – Scroll through this board and you will not see a single mention of insurance or healthcare for your pet. What’s the point? Even though Petplan’s profit depends on customers purchasing policies, they want to be helpful to current customers, and at the top of the mind of potential customers if they think about pet insurance. These pins contain fun and simple projects to decorate and customize pet accessories from doggy bowls to litter boxes, design toys and even create pet fashion statements.

Meet the Team – Who wants to see boring frame shots and profiles about employees? Petplan’s employee profiles introduce you to the company and their pets. This is an original way to present information that resonates with customers.

Tails of the Unexpected – These are short snippets of what a pet did that cost a customer an expensive veterinary bill. Lesson inferred:  for those who have pet insurance the bill wasn’t as bad. Not only does it warn of unexpected pet costs, it also has entertaining situations that will make you laugh about the absurdity of some pets.

Pet Health Tips – Of more than ___ boards, this is the one that directly addresses healthcare for your pets. Again, it has advice for keeping your dog healthy, but also anecdotes about what to do when you do face the unpleasantness of a sick pet.

All of these are great examples of content that is shareable, informative and visually appealing. Those three main concepts are transferrable to most companies who want to use content marketing to drive business. Yes, Petplan has the benefit of being able to use adorable puppies and kittens, but when brainstorming, think about what your organization can do. Is there a common thread that can be used to introduce your leadership team? Are there customer stories that are relevant and should be shared as a helpful hint to future or current customers? The possibilities are endless for content marketing, all you need is a bit of creativity and time to execute your content marketing campaign.

Do you have any favorite content marketing campaigns you think we should feature? Let us know in the comments section!

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