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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Sharpie

Sharpie has a multitude of customers, ranging a variety of demographics. The obvious demographic they target is teenagers. But while targeting that demographic, Sharpie has given itself an image of creativity and originality. With a simple product, Sharpie has paid attention to what motivates and interests their customers and has improved their social media reach with content marketing. Throughout all of their social media platforms there are three consistent themes:  imagination and creativity, and customer-generated artwork and fun.


Facebook is a social media outlet where people want to show off and talk about cool stuff they’ve done or seen. Do this exercise and you’ll see why Sharpie has 3.7 million likes:

  1. Go to your Facebook account.
  2. Search for “sharpie.”
  3. See what your friends have posted about Sharpie in weird but fascinating ways.

Not only are people liking a page, they’re talking about a specific product and sharing it with all their friends. A few examples from my friends:





With less of a focus on Twitter, Sharpie has 189k followers. Like Facebook, people are sharing their creations or fondness of Sharpie.






Perhaps the platform that shows the most creativity from Sharpie and its customers is Pinterest. While less of a following than Facebook, Pinterest had more than 11,000 active followers. With themes like DIY to D.I.E. for, Say What with Sharpie and Kicks, Pinterest provides a space to show off the creations of Sharpie customers.



While it’s clear Sharpie has concentrated its efforts on certain social media platforms, they get results. Not only do they gain brand awareness by sharing and promoting customer creations, they stay at the top of mind for people who like to create and need supplies like Sharpies.

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