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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week – Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Cheeseheads may be the nickname for the Green Bay Packers’ contingency, but the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is going above and beyond to make sure that Wisconsin is the number one location to think of when it comes to cheese. There are 600 styles and varieties of cheese produced in Wisconsin and the Milk Marketing Board created a successful, sustainable content marketing strategy to spread the word.

As a non-profit with limited budget and a national audience, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board decided to get creative and have fun. With one informational and educational site and four microsites to engage and build supporters, they targeted a wide audience that appreciates food. The websites maintain a similar look and feel throughout and are entertaining while informative. If you’re like me and think everything is better with cheese, these sites are a haven of ideas. Below is a look at all five sites the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board created in their content marketing efforts.

Eat Wisconsin Cheese

While the content of this site covers your basics that any non-profit organization would provide, its style is simple and visual. Of course there is information about the cheese, but there are also listings for events, recipes, pairings and entertaining and more. From touring America’s Dairyland to reading Grate. Pair. Share., an online magazine about cooking and entertaining with Wisconsin Cheese, this site has a wealth of content – all relating to cheese and dairy. The Cheesecyclopedia, best chef nominees and all types of swag are available on this page.

Cheese and Burger Society

Perhaps the most successful, this site dedicated to delicious burgers to “celebrate the greatest cheeseburgers ever made.” For example, the Inaugural 30 are 30 different burgers with 30 types of Wisconsin cheese. For each one there is a recipe as well as a “Meet The Cheese” section that gives in-depth information about the cheese used. There’s also a humorous electronic recipe index that features the voice of Patrick Warburton, as well as a sweepstakes involving the beloved Green Bay Packers. While the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board set out to gain more of a national audience, this site has gained worldwide popularity. There are even monthly meet up groups in Australia to cook the burgers on the site and wear Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board paraphernalia.


Grilled Cheese Academy

This site takes grilled cheese to a higher level. It’s no longer about a slice of cheese and two pieces of bread that are grilled. The artisanal chef movement heavily inspired this microsite, and in return, the site inspires professional and amateur chefs to create new creations for the palette. With close to 40 original grilled cheese recipes, from The Sergeant Pepper to The Low Country to The Athena, mouthwatering is an understatement when looking at these sandwiches. For the past three years, there has also been a free, downloadable book called the Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown Book of Champions. Recipes featured in this book are also part of the annual recipe contest.


Cheese Cupid

A simple yet helpful and fun solution for many entertainers, the Wisconsin Cheese Cupid site pairs alcoholic beverages with types of Wisconsin cheeses. Pick a beverage and it will tell you which types of cheese goes best with it. You can also pick your cheese and they will pick your beverage. And although as a Tar Heel who thinks being part of the wine and cheese crowd is not offensive because I love both, I’m extremely impressed by the breadth of selection. From champagne to a porter to scotch, and Gouda to blue cheese, this site has great variety.


Dairy Doing More

Finally, the Dairy Doing More site focuses on the environment, economic impact and everything industry related to the dairy farming industry. Not only does it function as a resource for the farmers who help fund the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, it’s educational for those who want to learn more about where their cheese and dairy is coming from. With the recent emphasis of organically grown and humanely treated produce and livestock, this has information about the cows, procedures, nutrition and much more. For the societally conscious eater, this site aims to reaffirm that the Wisconsin dairy farmers are responsible in their production.

While all five sites are different and have different goals, they stay consistent with pleasing visuals and the look and feel. The informational sites are easy to navigate while the others focus almost entirely on the pictures of food with cheese. They are all tied back to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board with logos, as well as slogans such as “Proudly Honoring Wisconsin Cheese.” It is with this content marketing strategy that the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has reached more than 100 million households in the United States. They also have a majority of mindshare with 60% of American respondents saying they think of Wisconsin when they think cheese.

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