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Creating Landing Pages Without IT’s Help – Six Tools for Marketers

Even though we would love to report that our marketing and IT teams work in blissful harmony, the real truth is there still exists a great divide between the two departments. With this separation there is always some animosity towards marketing with the thought process that everything we do is of subjective nature and/or just a knee jerk reaction. We are taught to come up with creative solutions to potential advertising campaigns.

Today’s more data driven marketer loves to make decisions based on factual data, rather than taking the aforementioned subjective path. From this data, we find ourselves making more precise analysis of the people that use our site and their behavioral traits as they go through our conversion funnels. However, in order to do this, we need to have testing tools that can produce landing pages at the drop of a hat.

Up until just a few years ago, getting a landing page deployed was a major undertaking. The fear alone of being rejected by an IT person was cause enough for marketers to hide behind their computers and not ask for the necessary pages to be put in place. And, if we were one of the lucky ones to get a landing page implemented, the type, font, and everything else that should be left to a designer, was determined by an IT person or developer. Ah, the good ole days. Fortunately for us non-technical marketers, there is help.

The following are six tools that should be in every marketers testing toolbox. Not only are landing pages and testing plans imperative to determine what’s working and what’s not working, they are becoming a foundational element that every marketer is being asked to understand in this day of data driven decisions.

  • Hubspot
 Description: Hubspot offers a bundle of tools for today’s digital marketer.  There are also many tested landing page templates that come with responsive design and a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to customize content on the page.  Pricing ranges from $200/month to $1000/month.
  •  Unbounce
 Description: Unbounce provides drag and drop page builder with customization features and A/B testing functionality built into the tool.  Unbounce also has several landing page templates that have been tested in many industries with proven success.  Pricing ranges from $49/month to $199/month.
  • Ion Interactive
Description: Ion interactive routinely touts their services as no developers, no designers, nothing to code. It’s a very effective conversion optimization toolbox overall.  They also tailor more towards the enterprise end of the spectrum when it comes to their clients.  Pricing is available by contacting them directly.
  • Optimizely
Description: Optimizely is a fully-integrated testing platform focusing on A/B and multivariate testing.  Their platform is more advanced than most, and is a great mainstream product for the common marketing manager.  They have a fantastic dashboard as well as cross browser testing and integrations with popular analytics tools, not to mention a good selection of landing page templates to choose from.
  • Premise for WordPress
Description: Premise for WordPress is a plugin used solely for sites running the WordPress CMS engine.  It’s built by Copyblogger, a veteran in the internet marketing industry.  They have an engine built into their application that allows you to build landing pages without any code and use your own custom graphics.  It’s a one-time payment of $165.00.
  • Formstack
Description: Formstack is the original creator of the famous infographic “How To Create The Perfect Landing Page.” They focus specifically on form elements of your landing page with easy integration into many third party apps.  Pricing ranges from $29/month to $159/month.
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