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Introducing Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp from ASPE-ROI

Big data has been a buzzword for a few years now, and it’s continuing to trend. What big data means for marketers has been somewhat confusing, if not controversial. With personal information out in the world of technology, how do marketers use big data appropriately? What does it mean to make data-driven decisions in marketing? It seems to be the elephant in the room that nobody knows how to explain.

ASPE-ROI introduced its Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp this month in order to give marketers answers to those questions. The class focuses on using key analytics and data to reliably drive business. With exabytes of data pouring in from multiple sources, it’s hard to know where to start, how to grasp and analyze the information, and then even harder to decide what action to take. The three-day Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp course teaches you to:

  • Understand big data and how it works in your organization
  • Establish a big data strategy and roadmap
  • Build a metrics program to support marketing and business goals
  • Identify key data sets useful to marketing
  • Make data-driven decisions to implement successful marketing campaigns
  • Understand what drives your customers’ decisions and how to gain their
  • And much more

Along with all of this, the Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp provides hands-on activities that delve into defining business goals and related KPIs, identifying personas based on data and creating a test matrix to fine tune your data. When used appropriately, big data gives marketers the tools to pinpoint needs and speak directly to their audience. Instead of practicing subjective marketing where they have a gut feeling, marketers can make data-driven decisions by interpreting analytics from their big data.

For a full course outline, please visit the Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp page.

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