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Developing Personas: Break Through with Customer Insights

Developing personas is not a new concept, but the recent benefits of taking the time to define individual customers has been rewarding for many businesses. By taking a close look at customers and users, companies can identify individual needs at a much more personal level.

The new ASPE-ROI white paper by Christina Motley, Developing Personas:  Break Through with Customer Insights speaks to why personas can unite departments as well as how that can influence future interactions and plans. It is also a reference to use when creating personas for your company. Here are the key items covered in this white paper about developing personas:

  • Personas:  What’s the Big Idea?
  • Personalization and Humanization
  • Do I Really Need Personas
  • Types of Personas
  • Developing Personas
  • A Persona Profile

To read the entire white paper and learn more about developing personas, visit our free resources page to download it.

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