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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Strategic Link Placement

If your only call-to-action is at the end of your text, you might not get results. Most readers won’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Don’t make it more difficult for people who are ready to buy your product. Place your call-to-action and links to landing pages in prominent locations and in large font.

Use One Call-to-Action Button

The more choices we give people, the higher the possibility of losing them because they don’t want to read a lot of text. Open with a compelling statement (or hard offer), followed by two to three bullet points, then an action button at the bottom.

Make Sure Your Action Button is Specific

Be sure and use verbiage that explains exactly what they will receive once they click. Appeal to their emotions and state the value proposition in the button (not just submit). Use a compelling tactic (demo / free trial / free study).

Analyze and Adjust Your Campaigns

Most good email marketing systems have robust analytics. If you integrate this system with Google Analytics™ you can see how many people on your email list are buying your product or service and the exact path they took to get there. Be sure to monitor these analytics routinely and adjust your content to be even better. Also, don’t forget to tag those URLs using the Google Analytics URL Builder tool so you can segregate every campaign you send out.

Keep the Design Simple

Don’t go overboard with bells and whistles. Instead, rely on elegance and simplicity of design to catch and keep your readers’ attention. Even though people opt in to your emails, spam filters are sophisticated. Your emails might be caught in filters if they have too many fancy pyrotechnics. Make use of text that includes links to relevant areas on your website. Also, remember that people will spend the least amount of time as possible inside of your email offer. If they don’t see what they want right away, or even worse, are impeded by graphics before getting to the meat of the offer, they will leave immediately.

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