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What is Google Plus?

Google Plus can be a bit confusing when you use the platform for the first couple of times. Many people mention they have issues understanding what the difference is between the other social networks and Google Plus. This post will go over three segments of Google Plus that makes the platform different from other sites.

First off Google Plus is an easy way to connect with people who share the same interest as you. If you have a strong interest in photography, then finding like-minded individuals who share many photos to their groups is easy. You are instantly able to connect with people who you want to see and connect with. Other social networks require you to know the person or go through a process in order to connect with them. Google Plus eliminates this issue because remember it is more of a platform.

Quick Tip- You can gain better search results ranking if you add the official Google Plus Button to your site which can be found Here

Below are the three main things that will help you get a better idea of how to use the network.


Ever afraid of posting the wrong thing to the wrong people? Maybe you just don’t want to share everything online because it may mix with your different relationships that you have. Some people have even lost their position at their jobs because they have posted something about their job and the manager ended up seeing the post!

To prevent things like this from happening Google Plus has what is called Circles. Circles enables you to target the people you post to on the platform. Let’s say you want to target your loyal customers vs your general customers. You can do this with Circles. Also if you are traveling and want to announce that you won’t be in town maybe it’s a good idea to send these types of posts to certain friends and family Circles etc. There are many stories on how doing these strategies can protect your privacy.

This tool also helps if you want to be able to communicate with a group of individuals in an organization. Everyone in the organization can be members of the same Circle so that communication can be seen only by members. You can also add the same people to multiple circles. It’s important to note that people will not be able to see what circle you place them in. So when you post be sure to add them accordingly.


Hangouts is another really useful way to use Google Plus. Hangouts are divided between two types, Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. Hangouts serve as a conferencing feature that enables you to talk to up to ten people at once. This feature is very useful for people who work in an office where there are many locations but they do not want to drive to meetings. This also plays a role in some tech companies hiring process as they use this for interviews. Unlike some platforms that offer conferencing features, this one gives you this ability at no cost!

If you are a user of Google Docs (a tool that lets you work on the same documents at once) you may be interested in the feature that lets you use Google Docs while you are using Hangouts with other people. This helps make conferencing features and collaborations much more engaging. Whenever a group is on Google Plus, whoever is talking will be zoomed in for a more up close look at the person. Participants are also able to mute their mic in the case of background noise.

Quick Tip- You should definitely utilize land line internet access whenever doing Hangouts for good use

Hangouts On Air

Hangouts on Air is meant to help you have a wider audience for broadcasting. Instead of just having the ten people, this hangout is broadcasted across the web. This is done by the platform showing your live hangout on YouTube. Many users have used this opportunity to put on cooking classes and many other class ideas. Another way people use this tool is to hold events that cannot be attended. While doing the broadcast you are able to see exactly how many people are viewing the broadcast.


Communities helps you create a group revolving around a niche that your company can relate to. For example Lowes Home Improvement has a community specifically about technology within your home. The group can be formed to be private or a public community that anyone can join. Once people join your group they can begin to post things related to your community. The good thing about Communities is that once enough people join the group many people will be contributing so that the owner just has to manage and maintain everything instead of posting.

This should help you get started with Google Plus and understand how to use the tools!

ASPE-ROI Course Developer Phil Buckley to Speak at High Five Conference


Triangle American Marketing Association announced their speakers for the 2015 High Five Conference and ASPE-ROI Instructor and PrecistionLender Director of Marketing Phil Buckley was selected to speak. He will present pbuckleya break out session during the conference, which takes place in Raleigh, NC, at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel on February 25-26, 2015.

Phil’s breakout session, Content Marketing in a Seemingly Boring B2B Vertical, will focus on how to make content marketing exciting and shareable, even for the least interesting industries. By breaking down content marketing to its core of storytelling and relationship building, Phil’s insights will leave you with plenty of ideas for your next content marketing campaign. For a full description of this breakout session, visit the agenda page.

Phil is well-known among marketers in the Triangle area (and nation-wide) as an expert in SEO, as he has cultivated the largest SEO Meetup group in the country. However, his nonchalant insights into content marketing and social media allow those who listen to him have multiple “A Ha” moments. He is also the course developer for ASPE-ROI’s Content Marketing Boot Camp. Be prepared for engaging imagery, videos and a few corny jokes during this presentation.

Registration for the High Five Conference is currently open.

ASPE President David Mantica to Speak at High Five Conference


Triangle American Marketing Association announced their speakers for the 2015 High Five Conference and ASPE President David Mantica was selected to speak again this year. He will be giving a break out session dmanticapresentation during the conference, which takes place in Raleigh, NC, at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel on February 25-26, 2015.

Last year at the inaugural High Five Conference David was a panel member with several ASPE-ROI instructors. His portion highlighted the “T-Shaped” professional. This year he will speak about product theory, real-world innovation and creativity enablement. The breakout session will cover topics such as moving from theory to reality, identity vs. cognitive diversity, team dysfunctions, how the Agile Manifesto is tied to innovation and creativity, and testing multiple small ideas. For a full description, visit the agenda page.

If you haven’t had a chance to see David speak in person, prepare to be entertained while learning. He is a high-energy and charismatic speaker who truly believes in delivering a great presentation to his audience. Registration for the High Five Conference is currently open.

Best Practices for Event Tracking in Google Analytics


Google Analytics Training

Event Tracking is a very powerful tool available in Google Analytics that allows you to see exactly how people interact with your website.  It is used when something happens on a website that you want to track that is not available with the built-in metrics in analytics, such as pageviews.  Clicking play to watch a video is one example of when Event Tracking might be used.  On the other hand, if the user does something that you consider equivalent to a pageview, but a new URL is not generated, then you would use Virtual Pageviews instead.

The problem with Event Tracking occurs when it is not set up with fairly strict guidelines. In these cases, the results are a lot of data in the analytics account that can be difficult to sort out.  A little planning with your team can help you start off on the right track to make the most of this powerful option.  Here are a few things to keep in mind before you implement Event Tracking on your website.

Track Things That Aren’t Tracked Elsewhere

Many things on your site, such as “number of users”, are built-in with Google Analytics and do not require any special set-up with Event Tracking.  Simply put, if it is already being tracked in an existing area of analytics, you do not want to set up Event Tracking to get at that metric.

Think Big Picture for the Categories

Before you get caught up in all the details, think first about the types of things someone can interact with on your site.  A common category is videos.  However, if you have several types of videos on your site, you may want to be specific with your video categories.

For example, let’s say visitors have the option to learn more about your product through sales videos and can visit another section to watch training videos, two very different categories.  To differentiate these, you could have a category of “Video – Sales” which are promotional ones for prospects.  The second category of “Video – Training” will likely attract current customers who are interested in learning more about how to use your products.  If these two different types of viewers are important, then split your video tracking to these separate categories.  If just knowing  a user interacted with any video is enough information, then you can keep the single Event Category of “Video”, rather than splitting by “Sales” and “Training”.  Remember to define metrics based on what matters to your specific business.

Be Very Clear with Your Actions

Clicking is clearly a desirable action, however, it does not properly describe the details about that action which can make it difficult to sort through the data when you look at the Event Action overview.


AMA Chapter Challenge Update

Want to win $1000 for your AMA Chapter to use for a marvelous event or speaker? If that answer is yes, then you should be voting daily in the 2014 AMA Chapter Challenge!

This nationwide competition between AMA chapters challenges each chapter to secure the most votes. The chapter with the most number of votes will win a $1000 cash prize and 1 free day of training hosted by ASPE-ROI.

It is very easy to vote, just visit the AMA Chapter Challenge homepage and choose your chapter and the course you would like ASPE to bring to you!  This link can also be conveniently forwarded to any colleagues, family members, friends, and fellow AMA Members. The more people you get to vote, the better chance your chapter has of winning!

As of April 15th, the current chapter in 1st place is the AMA New Orleans Chapter!  But voting will not close until May 15th, so you have plenty of time to take the lead! Once voting is closed the winner will be announced on the ASPE-ROI Blog.

Vote for your chapter now in the 2014 AMA Chapter Challenge!

ASPE-ROI Instructor Rob Sanders to Speak at Digital East

Rob Sanders, course developer for ASPE-ROI’s Mastering Google Analytics and founder of RSO Consulting, will speak at Digital East about Advanced Tactics in SEO. Digital East will be held October 15-16, 2013, at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Virginia.

During his session, taking place on day two at 11:10am, Rob will share why mobile is a “can’t miss” factor when taking search engine marketing into account. Key topics will include mobile platforms, SEO standards, social implications, web design standards, location based search and several case studies.

Rob Sanders has more than 15 years of experience that complement his core competencies of search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media and web analytics. As the founder of RSO Consulting, based in San Francisco, he provides creative and technical online marketing solutions to to clients across verticals representing healthcare, e-commerce, technology, law, finance and more. Rob is Google AdWords and Analytics certified and earned his MBA from University of San Francisco. He is also the author of 42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics and is working on a follow up book.

The Digital East conference agenda if filled with speakers and panels discussing social media, search engine optimization, web analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing and much more. There will be more than 75 speakers presenting across multiple tracks this year, customizable to attendees’ preferences. There are also preconference intensive workshops. Digital East is one of several digital marketing-focused conferences hosted by Tech Media. Other conferences from Tech Media include Internet Summit, Dallas Digital Summit, Southeast Venture Conference and Digital Summit.

ASPE-ROI Instructor Mark Traphagen to Speak at SMX East Conference

Mark Traphagen, course developer for ASPE-ROI’s Google Plus for Business:  Getting Started and director of digital outreach at Virante, Inc., will speak at Search Marketing Expo – SMX East 2013 in New York City on October 2, 2013. Mark will be a speaker in the breakout session titled Top Social Tactics for Search Marketers. He will be joined by Associate Creative Director Annalise Kaylor from aimClear and Link Building Specialist Debra Mastaler from Alliance-Link and they will have a “speed-round” session discussing their favorite authority-building social tips.

During this session in the SMX Advanced Track of the conference, taking place on day 2 of the at 10:45am, Mark will share the extensive results he has discovered about how Google treats Google Plus profiles for purposes of search ranking. He will also share his findings and opinions about Google Plus profiles, pages and communities, and divulge information from case studies and strategies that drive content and deliver top search results.

Mark Traphagen (@marktraphagen) has been involved in social media and online community formation since the 1990s and has developed a reputation in the past couple years as a Google Plus and Google Authorship expert. As director of digital outreach at Virante, Inc., he strategizes brand influence, natural link attraction and social signals for businesses. He is a regular speaker at conferences such as SMX, ConvergeSouth, local meetups and more, and he is working on the first comprehensive book that covers Google Authorship and Author Rank. Mark also plays with a Dixieland street band and participates in competitive storytelling in his free time.

The SMX East conference agenda is filled with speakers and panels discussing search engine optimization, mobile marketing and paid search among other topics. There will be more than 50 sessions across multiple tracks this year, customizable to attendees’ preferences. SMX East is one of several Search Marketing Expo conferences hosted by Third Door Media, which is also the parent company of Search Engine Land, Digital Marketing Depot and Marketing Land.


ASPE to Host “Google Plus And Your Social Media Strategy” Lunch Event

ASPE is hosting a new event, “Google Plus And Your Social Media Strategy” on June 11.  The event is through Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA) and at this time is open exclusively to TIMA members free of charge with a free lunch included. The event will become open to everyone ($10 for non-members) on a space-available basis a week before the event.

The event will be lead by Jon Parks, the Lead Dijital Strategist at Dijital Farm. Jon is currently an instructor for ASPE and teaches Google Online Marketing Boot Camp and Social Media Boot Camp. He has over 14 years of professional experience and focuses on helping his students solve issues in their careers as well as providing them with the tools and insights to come up with solutions of their own.

Jon wishes to display how Google Plus is one of the most engaging social networks today, despite many marketers still being on the fence about it. He also wants to show participants how to integrate Google Plus into their social media and content marketing strategies.

Win a Free Training Class at ProductCampRTP

ASPE is proud to announce the sponsorship of ProductCampRTP 2013 which will take place on May 18, 2013 in Raleigh, NC. ProductCamp is a fun, laid back, “unconference” where participating volunteers share their skills and knowledge with other interested participating volunteers. There are no attendees, only volunteers, and participants come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. The ProductCampRTP focuses on the best practices in product marketing and development.

Innovation is the key to economic growth but what is the value of innovation if you can’t bring a product to market? ASPE teamed up with ProductCamp RTP due to this year’s mission to bring internationally recognized speakers together with local thought leaders to help bring the best ideas to market. ASPE supports real results and hands on learning and that’s what volunteers will get at ProductCampRTP 2013.

There are two distinct tracks for the day. Those in Product Development will find various topics of interest to them. The morning will be broken up to discuss Requirements Management, Product Management, SCRUM Ownership and Open Innovation. The afternoon showcases Product Marketing. Some topics will include Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing and exploring the life cycle of a product from start to end.

Why should you attend ProductCamp?

Has your travel budget been cut? Do you want to learn from peers outside your company? Are you looking for informal ways to “meet-and-greet” others? Do you present or lead round table discussions on timely industry topics? Are you unemployed or under-employed, and want to increase your network? Do you want to meet others who are passionate about product management and marketing? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, you should participate in ProductCamp. Register today.

Please join ASPE in supporting this fun and knowledge filled event. While in attendance, get entered in the raffle for a chance to expand on your product development or marketing knowledge with a free seat in one of ASPE’s various training classes. We hope to see you there!