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Facebook for Businesses of all sizes.

Being up to date on marketing your business online is essential to your success. Facebook has many different ways in which it chooses what posts are more important than others. Knowing how Facebook works will help you find out what you can do differently in order to succeed.  This article will go over specifically how you can use Facebook to your advantage.

It’s important to be aware that most consumers are on Facebook. Whether your organization is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, your customers are most likely there.  Stats below show that for business-to-consumer companies the platform is even more important.


The reason why practically almost every target market is on there is due to the fact that it is a place for people to socialize with their friends. Whether the person is a professional or not chances are they want to socialize.

1. Personal Account Basics

Before creating business profiles on any social media network you need to make sure you understand the basics of the personal profiles.

  • Import your email addresses
  • Up to 5000 friends
  • Set your Vanity URL for better search results
  • Set your “interests” list
  • “Like” Business Pages of interest
  • Easy to search with new Social Graph Search

The personal profile is one of the main drivers for business advertising on the platform. You can have up to 5,000 friends before having to create a public figure profile. Whenever you set interests or like brands, books, and topics this information is used to target ads to you and to other people. Be sure not to try to create a business profile out of your personal page. Instead, you can create a business page and then asking your friends to like the business page.


2. Business Page Tips

  • Increase your information bandwidth
  • Create custom pages w/cover photos
  • Connect to Twitter to cross-promote
  • Create Social Media tabs: Pinterest, twitter, LinkedIn
  • Talk casually w/other businesses; tag them!
  • Set your Vanity URL for traditional marketing
  • Use Ads/Sponsored Stories to get message out
  • Post good content

Business pages are very important for business. The first step is to fully fill out your business profile.  This means making sure that all the descriptions and location information is filled out with content that involves what your business does. The main reasons that this helps is when people search for your type of business this will show up. Also the search engines pull different information from this section so it is important that all the sections are filled out.

Create custom pages w/cover photos

Cover Photos are important in establishing a brands credibility. Make sure to have a quality photo for your cover photo and profile photo. Also make sure the photo is the correct detentions used.

Connect to Twitter to cross-promote

Whenever you start a business page you have the ability to invite your friends to like the page. Also you can share this with other social networks.

Set your Vanity URL

Vanity URL implantation. Having a Facebook URL with your name on in it can help when people are searching for your business. This URL can either be the name of the business or it can have keywords that are related to the business.

Use Ads/Sponsored Stories to get message out

Use ads effectively by targeting all your content. Once you decide to advertise on Facebook you have many different choices. Some of the main types of advertising is: getting more page likes, website visits, or more likes on a particular post. Whenever you advertise in each of these types you are able to choose what location you want to target by including: country, state, or city. Not only can you post by location but you can also post by age group and interests. If you want to target your page to people who are interested in comedy movies you can do this. If you choose to advertise a specific post make sure that you are promoting a post that gives you good value such as collecting email address from followers and event sign-ups.

Post good content on your stream

Posting on Facebook is simple once you get the hang of it. The first thing to know is that people react differently for different posts. Posting multi-media such as images and videos will yield the best results. Not only do people like the appearance of theses posts, but the posts also end up taking up a good amount of space in the followers Facebook feed.

Be sure not to always post the same things to your Facebook page that you do on your other networks. If you post different things on each network this encourages people to follow you because they will be getting different content.

Use these tips to get started with Facebook for your business. Remember to target all your advertising as well so you are reaching the right people!

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