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FAQs: Answers from Our Experts

Q. Why can’t I create an offer on my Facebook page?

A. Currently Facebook Offers is still in beta format and is limited to a certain number of Facebook page admins. They are not very forthcoming about when this will be rolled out to a broader audience, however Facebook’s own Help states that it will be soon. Currently this feature is only available to pages with 400 or more likes. To learn more visit

Q. What are the essential elements that turn “just a website” into a sales funnel?

A. It’s important to have good flow, good value proposition and a keen understanding of the proper call to actions. One problem with many websites is not understanding exactly why a user is there. The most important element of any page is identifying what your customer wants from each page. Any analytics program can help you determine this, but profiling your customer and developing a persona type of the people that visit your site is extremely important.

Once you have this information, UI design and layout becomes easier because you can get rid of what customers don’t really care about, while showing them exactly what they want when they initially hit your page. Remember, you have about three or four seconds to make that first impression.

Think of the home page as walking into a pharmacy. You know why you are there, now you need to find where “men’s shampoo” is, or some other product. You look up, you look down and you go right to it – very basic principles of deciphering what to do when you want to buy something.

A good resource is Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think.” It is an excellent read and goes in depth on many of these ideas.

Q. Is there a point when a company is too small for LinkedIn and should have a Facebook page instead?

A. One of the nice things about both Facebook and Linkedin is that they are both indexed by Google and other search engines. Also, local businesses can benefit from a well-planned social strategy that includes either Facebook or LinkedIn.

However, one reason for using LinkedIn for any size business is the search function alone that LinkedIn has built into its application. Ever notice on your personal profile where it says, “you have been seen by X number of people” and “your profile has shown up in X number of searches?” Those can be great lead generators.

Another reason to have Linkedin as a small company is because when you create a company page, people can leave recommendations or testimonials right on your Linkedin profile page, which can be used on your website (see a developer for the Linkedin API).

All of these features give great social proof to anyone interested in doing business with you, no matter how small a company you are.

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