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How to Give Your Paid Search Ad Copy a Facelift



Sometimes, when I know it’s time to revisit ad copy, I used to cringe inside – a lot. Writing new and copy or refreshing ad copy is one of those optimization tasks that I will be honest – I do not do as diligently as I should  And it requires a certain state of mind and focus of concentration that some days I just don’t have. It requires creative thinking, to say the least.  How can I reword the same ad in a different way? How can I spin the call to action a little differently?

To write great PPC copy means keeping your ad copy fresh.  And ensuring it is consistent with your messaging and current promotions.

One thing that has helped me in writing ad copy is coming up with simple ways to get more creative.

So how to come up with new ideas for ad copy? Below are some ways to get some creative and different ideas:

1)      Commercials

Watching TV commercials can actually be a great way to get ideas.  And they are becoming more and more creative in getting your attention.  So the next time you are watching your favorite show or a game, pay closer attention to those sometimes annoying ads.

2)      Advertising sites

I love going to advertising sites – not just to get the latest info, but to see the creative ads.  These sites showcase their best work, and it’s a great way to get inspiring and creative ideas, as in this one below, which uses the agency name in clever ways:


And here are a few advertising sites that can help inspire you:

1)      Magazines

Next time you are sitting in the doctor’s office or the checkout line at the grocery store, take a look at the ads. The example below from Dunkin Doughnuts could be incorporated into a banner ad – and with that tag line, provides a very unique message:



Now that you have updated your ad copy, it’s also important to review the rest of your ad:

1)      Site links and callouts

Now that you have updated your ad copy or created some new versions, don’t forget to review your site links that are in your ad.  Are there certain site links that are not performing, and would it make sense to create something new? Can the description of the site link be refreshed?

Also ensure that you are using callouts as well.  Callouts provide an additional line of test in your search ad that allows you to provide additional information about your business.

2)      Vanity URL’s

Vanity URL’s are a great way to incorporate keywords into your ad, but also to establish trust.  In addition, using vanity URL’s help your users find a specific page on your website:



1)      Other extensions

Are you incorporating other extensions in your ad, such as call, location or social extensions? If not, you should consider adding those to your ads.  They provide your add with additional links as well as valuable information that make your ad more relevant.

Writing and revising paid search ad copy can be difficult at times, but having some ways to get creative ideas and additional opportunities to enhance your ads can help with your overall ad performance. So give your PPC ads a facelift today!


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