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ASPE-ROI Buy One Get One Free Training is Finally Back for Registrations Through August!


August is a great time for training. Business is often slower. Projects are usually less frantic. That is why for the month of August we are offering Buy One, Get One Free Training for all of our ASPE-ROI courses.

All registrations from August 1st to August 31st will receive a second seat in the same session for free. You can send two people for the price of one.This is a great way to supplement training your entire team.

Enter the code  BOGO0813  at checkout to receive the discount! When registering, specify “2″ in the quantity box; the discount will not be recognized unless you specifically specify that you want a second seat.

ASPE Policies and Information

All courses carry ASPE’s Guarantee of 100% Satisfaction.

ASPE provides an unsurpassed training experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, simply notify the instructor or registrar of your intent to withdraw from the program prior to the first morning break, turn in your course materials and receive a 100% refund. If at the end of the program day, you are unsatisfied with the program, we will credit your tuition towards a future program of your choice (more…)

Last iPad Winner of 2012 Chosen – Three More Chances for 2013!

We have another winner! Congratulations to Tracey Gillespie from Round Rock, TX for winning the third and final iPad of the 2012 drawing! Can you say “Winning”, Chris?

All three iPads from our 2012 drawing may be gone, but guess what? We have three more to give away in 2013! And quite possibly even more after that, if you’re lucky. Enter NOW to win one of three iPads in 2013 from ASPE. Winners will be chosen on April 12th, May 10th, and June 14th.

Sign up at for your chance to win one of three iPads, an an exciting way to experience the web, email, photos, video, & more.

Enter to win a FREE iPad from ASPE!

Second iPad Winner Chosen! One More Chance to Win!

Congratulations to Chris Battista from Raleigh, NC  for winning our second iPad! Chris currently works in the IT division of the NC Department of Justice.

There is still one more chance to win! Our last winner will be chosen on December 14th.

Sign up at for your chance to win the last remaining iPad, an exciting way to experience the web, email, photos, video, & more.

Enter to win a FREE iPad from ASPE!

Two ASPE-ROI Instructors to Speak at Internet Summit 2012

The annual Internet Summit begins today in Raleigh, NC, and two ASPE-ROI instructors are speaking. SEO thought leader Mike Marshall (@mikemarshall) and online marketing expert Rob Sanders (@rso_consulting) will both speak Tuesday morning during the Pre-conference Intensive Workshops at the Raleigh Convention Center. Both will be speaking in sessions about advanced SEO and search.

Rob Sanders, speaking at 8 a.m., will talk about Search Considerations for Mobile. Rob is currently the course director and an instructor for ASPE-ROI’s Mastering Google Analytics course. As founder of RSO Consulting, Rob provides expertise in search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media optimization and web analytics. He has more than 15 years of experience providing creative and technical solutions to a variety of verticals.

Rob earned an MBA from the University of San Francisco and authored the book “42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics.” His primary residence is in San Francisco, CA, but also has a home in Murcia, Spain. He is currently president of the Ama Foundation, a non-profit that supports underprivileged children in Nepal.

Mike Marshall, speaking directly after Rob at 9 a.m., will talk about Understanding Google’s Search Algorithm. Mike is currently the course director and an instructor for ASPE-ROI’s Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp. He is also a search engine technologies instructor for the U.S. Patent Office and has had clients such as AOL, Allstate, IBM, Sony, WebMD and many more.

With more than 20 years of experience in information technology, Mike has insight and advice in advanced SEO techniques – even the experts learn from him. He holds degrees in linguistics, philosophy and theology from University of Maryland College Park, University of Virginia and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has also authored for and provided commentary for,, Web Pro News, Website Magazine, PR Week and much more.

If you are attending the Internet Summit, stop by the ASPE-ROI booth located on the upper level between Ballroom 2 and Ballroom 3 or tweet us at @ASPE_ROI. We have a surprise give away that you’ll want to check out!

First iPad Winner Chosen! Two More Chances Left!

Congratulations to Rick Turnamian from Richmond, VA for being our first iPad winner! There are still two chances left to win! Please stay tuned, our next two winners will be chosen on November 16th and December 14th.

Sign up at for your chance to win one of two remaining iPads, an exciting way to experience the web, email, photos, video, & more.

FREE Social Media Boot Camp!

Maximize your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest Influence.

Social media is booming. With its vast opportunity for exposure and revenue for companies, it’s a marketer’s dream. Facebook allows organizations to grow a band of loyal followers. Twitter makes it possible for organizations to talk directly to their customers. Pinterest encourages organizations to share and promote the lifestyle of their brand. The opportunities are endless – as long as you are using these electronic media sources correctly and to their full potential.

That’s why we’re here to help. ASPE-ROI is offering three FREE Social Media Boot Camp training sessions this autumn. We’ll cover how
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google + operate, their potential, the psychology of their users, where you are losing revenue potential and more in this one-day social media training session. You’ll learn which social media sources will be most beneficial for your company and how you can maximize those results. We’ll show you how to harvest qualified leads using these marketing tools, cultivating more sales for your business. You’ll leave this social media training course with a direction and focus, and your own game plan.

You have until August 31, 2012 to enter for a chance to participate in one of three FREE Social Media Boot Camp training sessions. Thirty people will be randomly selected for each social media training session! However, the more employees from one company that enter will have a greater chance of being selected. The courses will be offered on September 19th, October 17th and November 14th and administered through our live virtual training provider.

For more information and to sign-up, please visit the FREE Social Media Boot Camp page.



Second iPad Winner of 2012 Chosen! Only One More Chance to Win!

Congratulations to David Dillman from Lafayette, Indiana for winning our second iPad! When we notified David he said, “That is way too cool. I will enjoy showing it off at the Agile training when I go.” David will be attending the Agile Project Management course in Sacramento this June.

Don’t worry, there is still one more chance to win! Our last winner will be chosen on June 19th.

Sign up at for your chance to win the last remaining iPad, an exciting way to experience the web, email, photos, video, & more.

Enter to win a FREE iPad from ASPE!

Golden Ticket Winner Chosen!


ASPE’s Golden Ticket promotion started its run in our most recent Course Catalog.  The code GOLDENTICKET allowed any customer to book onsite training for 20% off before March 31, 2012. The second part of this promotion gave ONE lucky customer the chance to win a FREE 2-day onsite training session for up to 10 people.  Who is this ONE lucky customer you may ask?

Congratulations to Mike MacMillan from American Airlines for winning our FREE 2-day onsite training session! Mike and his team have not selected their free training course yet, but they do have a few in mind. They are currently considering courses in our ITIL curriculum, such asITIL V3 Foundation Exam Preparation Boot Camp or ITIL Service Operation.  They are also considering courses in our Agile curriculum, such as Agile Boot Camp or Agile Project Management.

Even though our Golden Ticket promotion is over, you still have time to register for a chance to win one of two iPads! Visit to register! Our next drawings will be on May 15th and June 19th. You could be one of our iPad winners!

Register to win an iPad!


Congratulations to the Final Free Gas Winner of 2011!

Final Free Gas Winner Has Been Chosesn

With all the events here at ASPE, one of the most exciting has been that over the past six months ASPE has been giving away Free Gas for an entire year! Along with the release of our June catalog, we announced the Free Gas sweepstakes. In the months of September, October and November, three lucky winners were going to be chosen to receive a gas card worth $2,000. It’s impossible to imaging all the possibilities if you didn’t have to purchase gas for your vehicle for an entire year.  You could go on a family vacation, buy that gadget you’ve been wanting for so long, or even pay off your car. With the ever increasing price of gasoline, the possiblities are endless!

In September Ann Elder of Portland, Oregon was chosen as our first winner. Ann was so surprised, she said she wouldn’t believe she actually won until she had the gas card in her hands.  Then in October Joy Toney of Memphis, TN was announed as our second winner. Joy was so excited, she found herself at a loss for words. And here we are, already in November, meaning it’s time to pick the final Free Gas winner of 2011.

Congratulations to Michelle Mayhew of Kansas City!

Michelle wasn’t able exclaim her excitement quite so boisterously. She was surrounded by her co-workers quietly working away, but she “shouted” in a whisper how awesome the prize was and how she couldn’t wait to use her gas card for the first time.

If you weren’t so lucky to win Free Gas for a year, or didn’t find out about it until it was too late, don’t fret just yet.  We promise we have something equally as awesome hidden up our sleeve for 2012. Stay tuned –  it won’t be long before you’ll get your chance to win!