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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

by Traci Lester, Digital Marketing Specialist – ASPE, Inc.

If you are or have been using Google AdWords for search advertising, you might have received a letter back in February that looks something like the one below:

What are Enhanced Campaigns?

Enhanced campaigns allows AdWords users to have more control over ads and bids dependent on their customers’ location, device and time zone, and allows you to control them all inside one campaign. There are four major changes that come along with upgrading to enhanced campaigns. They include mobile bidding control, targeting options, call extensions and sitelinks.

  1. Mobile Bidding Control
    By default, ads will show on mobile devices, tablets and computers. Unlike in current campaigns, you can choose a bid adjustment for mobile bids, rather than having them adjust automatically.
  2. Targeting Options
    With enhanced campaigns, you will no longer be able to target your search ads by device or wireless carrier. However, you will still have that ability with display ads.
  3. Call Extensions
    Currently, call extensions allow users with smartphones to click on your ad and call your business directly.  With enhanced campaigns, your business phone number can also be shown on ads delivered to computers and tablets.
  4. Sitelinks
    Sitelinks allow you to show additional links to different pages throughout your website as well as your main landing page under your ad text.  They might look similar to the one pictured below:

    Currently, you can enter up to 10 sitelinks, each with up to 35 characters. With enhanced campaigns, there is a 25-character limit. To create sitelinks for your campaign, just use the sitelink tool located under the Ad Extensions tab inside your campaign.

Until recently, upgrading to enhanced campaigns was optional. But Google has announced that all current (Legacy) campaigns will be upgraded to enhanced campaigns by July 22. You might have received a notification similar to the one below:

What does this mean? It means that if you don’t upgrade all your Legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns by July 22nd, Google will do it for you automatically using the enhanced campaigns default settings. All your campaigns will be set to show on all devices and will require a mobile bid adjustment. This bid adjustment will be automatically set based on the devices that are currently being targeted by your legacy campaigns. Below is how they will be adjusted:

There is a chance that allowing Google to upgrade your Legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns automatically will mess up the settings of your current campaigns. Don’t panic. The AdWords upgrade center takes you step-by-step through the process of upgrading your Legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns and allows you to manually set the new settings for each individual campaign. Just open the Campaigns tab and click on “Upgrade center” from the navigation bar on the left-hand-side.

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