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Google AdWords Updates to be Announced April 22nd

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Anyone who works in AdWords knows Google is constantly making updates and improvements. Without making an effort to keep up with these changes, it can be easy to lose track of what’s new and different, consequently, missing out on new opportunities to improve your AdWords campaigns.

On April 22nd Google’s VP of Product Management for AdWords, Jerry Dishler, will be making an announcement about brand new Google AdWords innovations. The announcement will be at 12pm ET can be watched live on the Inside AdWords blog.

adwords_express1Rumor has it that Dishler will be announcing new features allowing you to use context to reach customers more effectively. We’ve also heard that there will be new tools for the web, mobile and mobile apps. Google is focused on enabling functionality and performance measurement across multiple screens. Could this be the announcement of a new, official AdWords app for smart phones and tablets?

Currently, the best thing available is the AdWords Express app. This App allows you to view the statistics of your active campaigns, but you still can’t make significant changes to the campaigns within the app. So a new, official AdWords app that allows you to manage your campaigns on the go would be a great addition to the toolset.


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