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Google Introduces the +1 Button…aka Like Button

We all saw this coming, but most of us hoped it would not actually get implemented. Google has now rolled out the +1 Button that allows you to, for the lack of a better word, ‘Like’ something. I’m kind of hoping this is Google’s April Fool’s joke this year, but they look to be a day early.

In their official documentation, Google repeatedly cites the fact that “90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know,” and that “71% say reviews from family members or friends influence purchase decisions.”

Based on the data sent to me by our Google AdWords representative, the goal of the +1 Button is to help searchers see more personal, relevant ads/results, which ultimately should help websites see more, better qualified traffic. It also states that the +1 Button will automatically be added to your ads over the next few weeks for English searches on My assumption is that we will also gradually start seeing +1 in some first page organic results.

Surprisingly, they also state that they plan to roll out the capability for people to add the +1 Button to their websites. You can sign up to be notified by the +1 Button team when +1 is available for your site here.

What does +1 mean for ranking…both in paid search quality score and SEO?…Here’s Google’s position:

Will the +1 button affect my clickthrough or conversion rates?
Each campaign performs differently, so we can’t predict how your clickthrough rate (CTR) will change for individual campaigns. However, we believe that including the +1 button on ads will increase the overall CTR of campaigns as personalized annotations increase user engagement.
Will the +1 button impact how you determine quality score?
No, this does not change how we determine your ad’s relevance of quality. As always, we look at your ad’s performance relative to that of other ads for the same query, position, and UI treatment.
Should I change my ads or landing pages?
No, there is no need to change the copy or landing pages of your campaigns. We’re adding +1 buttons to ads and search results on in English. Simple, compelling ads directing to a relevant landing page will continue to perform best.
Where can I see how many +1s my ads are receiving?
Currently reporting is not available. However, soon you will be able to see how many +1s your search campaigns are getting on the Dimensions tab in AdWords.
Why can I not see +1 buttons on my ads?
Only signed-in Google users will see +1 buttons on ads and organic search results on in English. Also, +1 buttons are not available on Internet Explorer 7 and earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

Here’s a shot from the PDF documentation I received from our Google AdWords rep with additional information:

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