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Google Plus is LinkedIn on Steroids

I know most of you are saying, “Who cares about Google Plus?” But believe it or not, Google Plus is now the second largest social network in the world. Facebook is, of course, number one, but more than likely Facebook won’t help you land that next great job. Google Plus will.

Traditionally, we think of LinkedIn being the social network used for professional networking, job hunting, recruiting, etc. But now, Google Plus is not only bigger than LinkedIn, it has everything LinkedIn has with a lot less rules. So how exactly is Google Plus going to help you land that next big job? Let’s explore this subject.

First and foremost, Google Plus is owned by Google, the most influential website on the internet. And, most employers nowadays research potential candidates by looking them up on Google. Having a Google Plus profile can be a big help for personal SEO (search engine optimization). What you share on your Google Plus profile feeds Google valuable information and keywords that will be associated with your name.

So, how exactly do you leverage Google Plus when searching for that next big job? It’s all about the “About” page which can be a powerful ally in a job search. Your “About” page on Google plus offers pretty much unlimited space in variou sections. First is the “People” section which shows who you have in circles and who has you in circles. Next is the “Story” section. This section is similar to the Summary section on LinkedIn and is a great place to include keyword rich content about yourself. Next is the “Work” section which is comparable to the Experience section in LinkedIn and is another place that is good for keyword rich content about your previous positions, responsibilities and skills. The education section is pretty self-explanatory. It’s where you can put it your school, field of study, etc. Another important section is the “Links” section. Here you can link to your other profiles such as your LinkedIn or Twitter profiles as well as blogs you contribute to, etc. This section will provide evidence that you are an “expert.”

There are a few sections on the “About” page that aren’t quite as important and even some that you need to be very careful will if you fill them out. The first is the “Places” section. Here you can put places you’ve lived and visited, if you’d like, but there isn’t really a lot of value when it comes to your job search. Next is contact info and basic info. These sections ask for things like phone number and birthday. Be very careful what you divulge here. As a rule, I encourage people never to put their phone number or birthday on any social network.

Think about it this way:

Google Plus = Your Resume + Social

It establishes you as someone who’s “with it” and is social proof of who you are and what you know. It allows you to manage your online reputation and bring you to employers’ attention.

Show the world what you want it to know with Google Plus.

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