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How Much Klout Do You Have?

No, that is not a misspelling. Klout is an actual term and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you may be missing out. Social media has become part of our everyday vocabulary:

“Did you see that update on Facebook?”

“Wasn’t my last post great?”

“Oh yeah I saw that on Twitter and I retweeted it!”

With more than 1 billion Facebook users and growing, social is ingrained in our lives every day. In fact, so much that 23% of users are checking their Facebook accounts more than 5 times per day, according to the Digital Buzz Blog. Social distraction at its best!

But what do our social media efforts really say about us and our ability to influence? Is my recommendation to check out a local business weighted heavier than my friend’s recommendation? This is why Klout matters, and here is your introduction.

Klout is described as an influence marketing platform intended to “empower marketers to identify and engage with millions of top influencers increasing earned media and improving brand lift.” But how is it done?

Klout provides insights on users and groups including demographics and interests as well as tracks cross-network engagement. As a marketer, I can track and measure all of my social media campaigns through one platform with the goal of generating earned media and hopefully increasing awareness for my brand.

Klout has worked with well-known brands like Motorola, American Airlines and Doritos to increase brand awareness and also build brand loyalty. They also measure what’s referred to as a “ROI” or return on influence. Klout claims that users who visit pages with products that have been recommended by Klout influencers, wind up spending twice as much time on the site.

Klout originally launched as a consumer product allowing users online to measure their Klout score (a number between 1-100) to how influential they are. In March of 2013, Klout began development of their business product.

We’re curious to hear from you. Have you harnessed your Klout?


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