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How to Build an Effective Call-to-Action Campaign for Facebook

If you launch it, they will come!

As a social media consultant, one of the top questions I am asked is, “How can I increase the number of followers on my Facebook page?” There are several ways to do this, but my favorite is a call-to-action campaign.  With a call-to-action Facebook campaign, you encourage the social part of social media.

So what is a call-to-action campaign? It is a post (or series of posts) that is carefully constructed to not only tell your followers what you want them to do, but also provide the motivation to do it. For instance, one of my clients wanted to offer free tickets to a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game to one of the company’s Facebook fans, and I suggested we turn it into a call-to-action campaign to build followers. Instead of picking a fan at random, we posted pictures of hockey tickets with this caption:

“Are you a Hurricanes fan? Want to see them play the Islanders on November 1st? Here’s your chance! Next week, we’re awarding one lucky Facebook fan two tickets to this game. To be entered into the drawing ‘like’ this status then share it on your profile! Every like, every share and every new follow gets you another entry. It’s that easy… SO GET TO SHARING!”

That post went viral and her followers doubled within the week. So how do you write an effective call-to-action campaign? Here are some simple steps, and an example, to help you through the process.

  1. Pique interest
  2. Motivate your audience
  3. Specify what the action is

First, ask a question that will pique their interest. We asked, “Are you a Hurricanes fan.” In the Raleigh area, the vast majority of the community cheers for the ‘Canes, so we knew the answer would probably be yes. The line had been cast. Then we asked, “Want to see them play the Islanders on November 1st?” Again, if the answer was yes before, they would surely want tickets too.

Next we needed to provide motivation. Enter:  free hockey tickets. Who doesn’t want free tickets? They took the bait. People all over the Raleigh area started to like and share the company on a daily basis. We were able to track this simply by looking at the data tally at the bottom of the image for how many likes, comments and shares there had been.

Finally, give the specifics regarding what you want them to do. This is not the time to try to squeeze everything into one sentence. Be clear, concise and compelling. We wanted them to like our post so it would show up on their profile for all of their friends to see. Once seeing the like or share, their friends were encouraged to also like the page so they could have a chance at the tickets.

It is important to note we never revealed that we were trying to build our followers. Always keep a positive spin on your call to action campaign. You want your followers to be excited about participating. It will keep them coming back for more.

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About the author:
Shelli Dallacqua is the Founder and President of Shelten Media, LLC. She is a member of the NC State Alumni Association and is a keynote speaker on the topics of social media marketing and reputation management. Connect with Shelli via Twitter by following @ShelliDallacqua, on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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