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How to Improve Your Business with LinkedIn

A Summary from the New ASPE-ROI White Paper

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools in the marketing, sales and business worlds. The power of connecting with thousands of people by the click of a button has immense potential, yet some people just don’t know where to start, or worse, they’re doing it wrong and turning potential customers into jaded audience members.

The new ASPE-ROI white paper by Christina Motley, Improving Your Business with LinkedIn:  Mastering the Art of Networking to Increase Leads and Engage with Customers, not only explains the history of LinkedIn, it advises on conventional practices within LinkedIn and gives you detailed steps that will help you connect with more people, engage current customers, and be in the forefront of potential customers mind’s when they need your service or product. Here are a few key items covered in this white paper about LinkedIn:

  • The story behind LinkedIn:  From its meager beginnings in 2003 to the 225 million members and more than $500 million revenue it boasts today.
  • Statistics and facts such has how many languages LinkedIn exists in, the most common job titles and other member information.
  • A breakdown chart of the different uses, purposes and users for LinkedIn.
  • Rules for networking and online engagement.
  • 18 best practices and tips to get beginners started and help intermediate and more advanced users stay on track of their goals, from creating a profile and keeping it up-to-date to building and expanding your network to analyzing the data with your Company Page Insights.

To read the entire white paper and learn more about LinkedIn, visit our free resources page to download it.

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