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Internet Marketing Trends in 2014

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Forbes recently published an article making predictions for Internet Marketing trends in 2014. The overall shift revolves around that fact that marketing techniques are continuing to develop more around producing original and internal content rather than outbound tactics.

Here are some predictions for online marketing trends in the upcoming year.

  • Content Marketing Explosion

This is nothing new, but the importance of content marketing will continue to be a trend. Overcoming skepticism is a challenge all marketers face today. The best way to gain trust and build rapport among your audience is to produce valuable original content through a variety of channels. Content should be relevant to the industry you work in and provide value of some sort to your audience whether it is to inform, provide insights, or entertain.

Content Marketing suggests that content should be more focused rather than marketing to the masses. For this very reason, television and radio ads are become less effective among in B2B business.

  • Need for Businesses to Find the Appropriate Social Media Mix

We all know the big name social media Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. However, over the past couple years it seems that social media has truly taken off the ground in regards to diversity. Other platforms such as Vine, Instagram, Google+, and a plethora of industry focused social media sites are coming into play now. It is up to businesses to not only figure out creative ways to use various types of social media, but to gain an understanding of which networks best fit their industry and way of doing business. Even more important, businesses need to be aware of what types of social media are most suitable for their customer demographics and interests.

  • Catering to a Visual Audience

What types of things catch your attention? The answer may be different for every person but one thing is certain for practically everyone; Nobody viewing content that is a jungle of long text or has no sense of visual appeal. People’s senses have become very stimulated due to the increasing number of advertisements. With this being said, businesses need to make sure their content is formatted in a way that is “easy for the eyes” and quickly digestible. This includes tastefully adding images or info graphics that serve to explain concepts with as little text as possible.

  • Simple is Better

Businesses will also need to balance appealing to a ¬†hyper-stimulated ¬†audience by trying to reach them in the opposite way. It seems a reverse effect is starting to take place from all the clutter and flashiness of today’s advertisements – people are now noticing simple things more. Companies like Apple have this idea nailed down. They have found the perfect balance between visual appeal and simplicity. In the coming years, advertisements and content need to be highly focused and to the point. When deciding on the best way to communicate something, the answer will almost always be the simplest way possible.

  • Success Through Ad Retargeting

Many of us have already caught on to this marketing strategy and it has proved to be highly effective. This involves using browser cookies to track web site visits. The products customers viewed will then be displayed to them again in some form in advertisements across different websites. Studies show that very few people convert on their very first website visit. This strategy aims to keep the company or product on the top of the customer’s mind which will eventually cause them to return to the site.

  • Social Shares and SEO Will be Even More Related

The goal of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant and useful content. Therefore, social signals such as social shares or likes have become an increasingly large factor in SEO and will most likely continue to be in the future. To a certain point, social shares indicate approval by an audience and suggest that content has a level of value and quality that is worth viewing. Businesses have increasingly been installing social share plugins to encourage social sharing.


These topics are all things Internet Marketers should be aware of in the coming year. Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and therefore it is vital that marketers stay up up to date on the latest trends. Don’t be the last to enter the game! Become an expert in what you need to know to be successful in ASPE’s Internet Marketing training.



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