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Introducing ASPE-Energy – Providing Energy Training Courses

ASPE is known for our real-world training that provides students with the best skills, tools and techniques to successfully transform complex business challenges into strategic capabilities. We’ve been teaching over 40 curriculums, including Agile, Scrum, Social Media, and Microsoft training, for the past 10 years. Now, we’re expanding to offer a full range of energy courses to our curriculum. ASPE-Energy now offers training courses in Energy Trading, Petroleum, Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels.

We believe that with the growing importance on natural gas and other energy resources, all energy professionals – producers, suppliers, distributors, end users and investors – need to be equipped with the proper skills to navigate exchanges, react to price and trade factors, and be familiar with hedging energy risk. Our energy trading training courses provide those necessary skills and more. We detail how organization’s can implement hedge strategy, access the risk profile of their company, better understand the intertwined relationship of fundamentals and future, and more in our seven core energy trading curriculums. Find out more about our Energy Trading training courses here.

Our oil and petroleum training focuses on two basic oil fundamentals: exploration to production and the refining process from basic distillation to complex hydrocracking. We know that the oil industry is complex and international, with economics driving every aspect and every decision. Therefore, our curriculum educates students on upstream risks, downstream economics, and how to manage the volatility on the margin of end users, resellers, traders, marketers, shippers, retailers and refiners. To find out more about our Oil and Petroleum training courses visit our website.

In our natural gas training division we’ve partnered with Energy Management Institute to bring you natural gas training courses that provide a thorough understanding of the entire natural gas industry, from wellhead to burner tip. We cover the origins and destinations of natural gas, exploration through distribution, buying, selling, marketing and transportation. Through comprehensive instruction with lecture and real-life examples, our natural gas training courses bring the entire gas and power market complex to life. Find out more about ourNatural Gas training courses here.

Courses will be offered beginning in September of 2012. All of our energy trading courses are taught by trusted education providers for the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), CME NYMEX and the International Trading Institute at Singapore Management University.

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