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Introducing the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing

When students came to ASPE-ROI and asked if we had a self-paced curriculum for digital marketing similar to our classroom program, we used to have to say no. But we listened to our audience and customers, adhered to their demands, and after months in the making, we’re happy to announce our eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing approved by Saint Louis University.

The self-paced, educational marketing program gives a broad knowledge to those wishing to update their skills and fine-tune their digital marketing knowledge. It allows students to take our courses at their pace, when and where they want. It is also incredibly affordable at $1995. Many other certificate programs associated with accredited universities can cost up to $10,000.

While the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing program contains the exact same course content as our in-class Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing, there are a few differences. The major difference is that we’ve chosen the five classes you must complete. They are:

  • Google Online Marketing Boot Camp
  • Social Media Boot Camp
  • Content Marketing Boot Camp
  • Mobile Marketing Boot Camp
  • Lead Generation Boot Camp

We chose these specific classes to give you overall knowledge and skills to succeed and advance in digital marketing. These courses build upon each other, will give you more than an intermediate education about the state of digital marketing, and prepare you to apply skills to your current role that experts use. Topics included in these classes include SEO, PPC, analytics, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, HootSuite, LinkedIn, SMS, NFC, lead nurturing, marketing and sales lifecycle and so much more.

The Experience

Once you sign up for the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing, you will get an email invitation to log in to our self-paced system. You will also get a manual for all five courses mailed to you. That email gives detailed information about everything you need to proceed, but here’s how the system works. You can start the program as soon as you login for the first time. Each course is broken up into modules (think different chapters in a book) that have natural stopping points, at which point your progress can be saved. Each module has several videos and at least one question at the end relevant to the content just viewed in the videos (the pictured image shows the last video and question for a module in the Google Online Marketing Boot Camp). For each course, you must get 80% of these questions correct in order to pass the course and receive your certificate.

Throughout the courses, you will be able to follow along with the instructor while he gives details that explain diverse marketing concepts, strategies and best practices. You are encouraged to mimic what you see and explore your situation in relation to what the instructor is teaching. There are also specific activities in the back section of your manual that are valuable to complete. You have six months to complete the program.

When you complete all five courses, you submit your information and ASPE-ROI verifies you have completed and passed your courses with an acceptable score. ASPE-ROI then submits your information to Saint Louis University and you will have your eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing in your hands shortly after.

Extra Help

If at any time during your courses you have specific questions you’d like answered, you will be able to submit your question via email to a dedicated service email (also listed in that original email you get when you sign up. It will be answered within two business days by an ASPE-ROI expert who instructs our courses. You will also continue to have access to that expert for up to six months after you complete your eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing. This is a service that we wanted to provide in order for our students to gain the most knowledge and real-world applicability from a self-paced learning program.

True Value

Any education program is truly what the student makes of it. With the inception of the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing, ASPE-ROI hopes to give more people the ability to advance their careers in digital marketing for an affordable price in a timely manner. The three main benefits of this self-paced marketing program are:

  • Content, knowledge, skills and activities to enhance digital marketing knowledge
  • Credential of the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing, recognized by the John Cook School of Business at the accredited Saint Louis University
  • Access to a digital marketing expert for up to a year after entering the program, an invaluable asset that you will not find in other programs.

If you have any additional questions about the eLearning Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing, please contact us.

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