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LinkedIn for B2B Marketers

With the explosion of social media in professional networks, reaching top level executives is becoming increasingly attainable for B2B. LinkedIn has established itself as a key tool for professional networking with some strong statistics to prove it.

On an individual level, top executives overwhelmingly indicate that LinkedIn is their primary social networking tool. In the “Social Media Report” which surveyed 237 upper-level executives, 71 percent indicated LinkedIn was their top choice for social networking. 63 percent of executives also use social media in their daily work and a striking 89 percent claim their use of social media would increase if it proved to be more helpful in business.

Companies are also increasingly developing their own LinkedIn pages as they could be a useful tool for B2B marketing and sharing strong content between other businesses and top executives. The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth recently released a study that found 81 percent of Inc. 500 companies use LinkedIn.

For B2B marketers, it is important to realize that the majority of B2B marketers use LinkedIn. A recent BtoB survey says approximately 80 percent use the channel for marketing. It is equally important to know that top executives value LinkedIn as well. As executives work toward making LinkedIn have more business applications, the value of this channel could continue to grow. This will give B2B marketers ample opportunity to reach prospective customers.

Below are some good tips on how B2B marketers can reach executives via LinkedIn:

  1. Develop a good content strategy. Providing strong and relevant content for executives will go miles with helping B2B marketers reach them.
  2. Join groups and interest pages. These pages can help marketers find other professionals with similar interests or business topics
  3. B2B marketers can use LinkedIn as a social leverage to identify possible contacts and clients.
  4. Share thought leadership pieces in response to a blog
  5. Create dialogues through reviewing output from targets

Keep in mind that social media marketing is new territory for everyone! These networks provide marketers with opportunity for exposure and business they never had before or thought possible. Check out ASPE’s Social Media Boot Camp for extensive hands-on training on how to maximize your business potential through various social media outlets. Be sure to also check out the Social Selling Boot Camp for everything you need to know about increasing your sales volume and developing leads and relationships through social media.


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