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Should You Publish Blog Content on LinkedIn and Medium?

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If you publish blog content as part of your online marketing strategy, then you may be wondering if some of them are destined for content superstardom in places like LinkedIn and Medium.

LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to get your blog in front of your network because it notifies your connections when you publish content on the site (posting status updates just shows up in the regular ol’ newsfeed).

If you want to reach an even wider audience, then you might consider publishing content on Medium, which typically serves up longer, more in-depth articles.

No doubt about it, if you are looking to build your brand, then publishing to LinkedIn and Medium is a great way to start.

However, if you are like some of our clients, then you also wonder how this might affect your SEO. (more…)

Social Media Trends for 2015

Social media is a constantly evolving media with new trends and changes in how people use it.  For some, their social media channels will remain the eternal time wasters while others will capitalize on the relationship building nature of it to bring in new business.  Although no one can predict the future, here are some expected trends based on what has been happening in the social media world.

New networks will keep popping up… and dropping out

elloIt is no surprise that new networks will continue to pop up as we saw some new ones in 2014, like Ello which promises to not sell user data and and Yik Yak  which allows users to share anonymous posts.  Most people are pretty concerned about their privacy so a channel that claims to not collect data can be appealing to people who are pretty uncomfortable yikyakwith the information they provide to certain channels (Facebook) every time they connect.  With the shared challenges of gaining and keeping users though, we will likely see even more new channels proliferate in 2015 and drop out of the game in 2015.  And some of the newer guys will find their 15 minutes of fame coming to an end.

Money will be involved (more…)

Creating Content for Your Social Media Channels

agency-myths.1You are probably familiar with some of the general rules for social media.  You know better than to push out promotional messages 24/7.  And you have also heard that it is considered a bad idea to post the same exact thing on every single channel.  When you do that, it is clear that your social media “strategy” is pure automation which will have people wondering if there is a real person hidden there somewhere.  Of course you know too that it is important to engage with people across channels.  With some of the basic “rules” laid out, let’s dig in and look at some tips for the tough part: developing and creating content for each of these channels.

There seems to be a new channel popping up every day.  Once you master a channel, you then hear about the next big thing that you have to go and learn.  In this post, we will focus on the three most people are familiar with: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s start with Facebook.


Clearly the big one when it comes to social media, Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users so it is the one channel that has the attention of most brands.  The great thing about content for Facebook is the number of ways you can distribute it.  You can have a poll, links and photos, with new features coming all the time.  Facebook is the place where people can have a little more fun and show a lighter side – as long as it still fits within the guidelines of your brand.  Tell a story.  Make people laugh.  People seek entertainment when they are surfing on Facebook.


How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Experience with 3 Simple Tasks

linkedin-logoLinkedIn has traditionally been viewed as a job-searching tool by many people.  With more than 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn, it is easy to have that perception.  LinkedIn even notes on their site that this particular group is the fastest-growing demographic. With that, LinkedIn is still a powerful tool for people who are established in their careers and looking to make work-related connections.

Unfortunately, many people do not use LinkedIn well. They may set up an account and forget about it, never logging in to add updates. Or they send invitations to connect with people simply to increase the number of their connections, not understanding that LinkedIn is not a numbers game. In this post I walk you through some weekly tasks to help you make the most of your LinkedIn network. Doing these things on a regular schedule will help you establish and grow a meaningful network.

Make a Meaningful Connection During and After a Meeting

Let’s first step back and think about how you connect with people at in-person networking meetings.  Are you simply collecting business cards and viewing these events solely as way to gain as many names as possible for your sales database? If so, it’s time to change your approach and view these meetings as opportunities to find ways to help other people, and learn about what kind of work they do, instead of the traditional mindset of collecting names so you can sell, sell, sell. When you change your approach to one of giving rather than taking, your connections on LinkedIn will be much more valuable. When you leave an event and log on to LinkedIn later in the day to connect, refrain from sending the generic follow up, “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” That is not the best approach and yes, I’m guilty of going that route on several occasions. However, a more successful invite will be specific for that contact as well as sincere.

Here’s an example, “Hi [name], I enjoyed meeting you at the luncheon today. You mentioned an interest in [topic] and I wanted to tell you about [event] happening next week. It looks like something that may be relevant to your business.” This example is a short, simple message, yet it conveys much more than the generic invitation.

1)    Using the individual’s name shows that you were thinking of them and not just blindly sending requests.
2) You’re reminding them where they met you.
3) You indicated that you were really listening during the conversation by bringing up a topic they discussed with you over lunch.
4) You are sharing info about an event that may be of interest to them.

This could still be someone you want to sell to at some point, so that doesn’t mean you can no longer sell through your networking efforts. What you’re doing first, though, is establishing a trustworthy connection with someone, which makes them more open to connecting with you online and in person again in the future.


How to Improve Your Business with LinkedIn

A Summary from the New ASPE-ROI White Paper

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools in the marketing, sales and business worlds. The power of connecting with thousands of people by the click of a button has immense potential, yet some people just don’t know where to start, or worse, they’re doing it wrong and turning potential customers into jaded audience members.

The new ASPE-ROI white paper by Christina Motley, Improving Your Business with LinkedIn:  Mastering the Art of Networking to Increase Leads and Engage with Customers, not only explains the history of LinkedIn, it advises on conventional practices within LinkedIn and gives you detailed steps that will help you connect with more people, engage current customers, and be in the forefront of potential customers mind’s when they need your service or product. Here are a few key items covered in this white paper about LinkedIn: (more…)

Web Seminar Recap: Social Media for Small Businesses

You constantly hear how important a strong online presence is to any type of business, including small, localized businesses. But these smaller businesses have neither the budget nor manpower of larger companies such as Starbucks and Wal-Mart. Nevertheless, with a little research and proper preparation, any small business can garner successful online engagement.

On June 21st Social Media Director for Shelten Media, LLC, Joseph Havey, presented the free web seminar, “Social Media for Small Businesses.” In this one-hour presentation Joseph covered the six most popular social media channels and provided tips on how a small business can use each channel effectively. From Facebook to WordPress, subtle nuances exist between platforms, and participants learned how to tailor content to each online location. (more…)

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers

With the explosion of social media in professional networks, reaching top level executives is becoming increasingly attainable for B2B. LinkedIn has established itself as a key tool for professional networking with some strong statistics to prove it.

On an individual level, top executives overwhelmingly indicate that LinkedIn is their primary social networking tool. In the “Social Media Report” which surveyed 237 upper-level executives, 71 percent indicated LinkedIn was their top choice for social networking. 63 percent of executives also use social media in their daily work and a striking 89 percent claim their use of social media would increase if it proved to be more helpful in business.

Companies are also increasingly developing their own LinkedIn pages as they could be a useful tool for B2B marketing and sharing strong content between other businesses and top executives. The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth recently released a study that found 81 percent of Inc. 500 companies use LinkedIn. (more…)

Web Seminar Recap: 4 New Ways To Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn Profile in 2013

On Friday, April 19, Bobby McDonald gave us some insight into the massive changes in terms of using LinkedIn and its new features in 2012. With these changes comes easier access to potential clients, enhanced networking and overall increased exposure within your Social Media efforts. LinkedIn has just rolled out its new profile mainstream, and that means it is now affecting you.

Bobby explained how to enhance your profile, re-optimize your content in order to take advantage of the changes such as linking in YouTube videos and make the most of your social campaigns.  Bobby’s web seminar was shorter than normal but to the point and gave great insight on taking you LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Unanswered Q & A:

My question is how can we endorse a person  for multiple skills all at one time rather than waiting for pop-ups?

The best way to endorse a person’s Skills & Expertise on LinkedIn (other than the annoying pop ups at the top of your personal profile) is to visit their profile page on LinkedIn (you must already be Connected), scroll down to Skills & Expertise section and click on “+” sign next to each Skill to endorse them

You can listen to a complete recording of this presentation at Select “View Event Recordings” in the top right corner.  You can also download your own copy of the presentation by visiting our Web Seminar Archives.

Are you interested in an extensive Social Media Training Course? Our Social Media Boot Camp will teach you everything you need to know!

Social Media for B2B Marketing

It’s Not Just About Being Funny

In 2012, B2B Marketing (Business to Business) saw a surge in social media use. Many predictions, such as this one from Social Media B2B blog, say that trend is only going to increase in 2013. With big changes in social media last year, such as Facebook’s promoted posts, Twitter’s acquisition of Vine and LinkedIn’s passing the 200 million customer mark, it’s now completely impossible for businesses to avoid using social media. You’d be hard pressed to find any organization without at least a Facebook page.

But how do you adapt your social media strategy to a B2B organization? After all, if social media is about posting YouTube videos and tweeting funny headlines, how does a company maintain a professional image? It’s not as if every B2B company is in the comedy business. (more…)

Top 2012 Social Media Updates

2012 was a year of constant updates from all the social networks, several which have major impacts on how we advertise. As a marketer, it’s important for to continue to keep up-to-date with all of the major changes going on, as well as use the updates to help us sell more product, increase brand awareness, and ultimately reach our established goals. We’ve attempted to capture six of the hardest hitting, revenue impacting updates across many of the social networks this year. As a digital marketer, it’s imperative to remain on your toes and as agile as possible within these rapid changing technological times.

1. Mobile Only Facebook Ads

For the first time, marketers can pay for advertising directly on the Facebook Mobile App instead of just the desktop alone. These come in the form of sponsored stories, and we have included a screenshot to show you exactly what to look for. Another nice feature here is the social proof element, or number of people that are using this. This new type of advertising also allows us to compare which platform is more effective as far as conversions, something that marketers were not able to do in the past. Previously the same ad was generated to users on a desktop or mobile device, without clear delineation on performance for each one. (more…)