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5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Content Marketing Campaign

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Content marketing has become one of the most common ways for companies to drive traffic, but it is not an easy task to put out steady stream of content and maintain their pages. One of the biggest obstacles is content creation because it is a laborious task and often falls to last priority. However, in order for content marketing to be effective, it must be done correctly. Many companies fall short and give up because they don’t have a set strategy. Some ways to set up a content marketing campaign and maintain that presence are:

  1. Hire a Content Creator: The first option that companies have is to hire someone on to create content for the brand in-house. Having someone in house can be more expensive, but can help maintain a consistent voice for the company. An added advantage of having a writer is that they can improve content creation practices across the organization. This position can also be assigned to someone on the marketing team but this can often lead to content becoming a last priority.
  2. Use Current Employees: Another option is to assign content creation across all divisions of the company. This ensures that the duties are distributed and won’t lay all the pressure on the marketing team. Those in different divisions can add a fresh perspective to the page and often know more about topics in the industry. The challenge with this option is giving employees motivation to create content when it is outside the scope of their job.
  3. Contract a Writer: Sometimes the best option is to outsource content externally. Hiring an outside content creator allows you to control the amount of service from the employee without hiring them on full time. They are strong workers because this is usually their specialized skill set and are reliable writers. While they should be able to maintain a consistent voice, the disadvantage is that contractors will not know the ins and outs of your company as well as the employees in-house. Depending on your company needs, this option can be expensive to maintain.
  4. Take Advantage of Licensing: Media companies offer content that you can buy and use on your site for a fee. This usually does not offer any seo benefits because search engines wont index it. The other downsides are that the content cannot be edited, so your company voice will not be incorporated, and is hard to find content on specific topics. This can be the most expensive strategy but can be a great option if you are short on time.
  5. Curate Online Content: Editing and sharing online content to fit your own company is often the least expensive, most efficient option. Content Curators take already created topics and use their brand viewpoint and voice to expand on the topic. With this option, there is never a shortage of ideas and it is quicker to go off other content than start from scratch. This does take a bit of time but once a process is established, employees will become more efficient at quickly finding and updating interesting content.

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