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Make an Impact with Social Media

This content was originally posted in Direct Marketing News.

Today, social media is becoming increasingly important to reach your customers on multiple levels and platforms. However, if you are in charge of your twitter handle or Facebook account you will know that is not just simply sending out a tweet about how awesome your company is. Messages have to be targeted, purposeful, and trackable. So, what can you do to make your social media more meaningful? Follow these four tips:

  1. Unify social media with other marketing efforts
    1. Putting your twitter handle on the signature of an email or on a piece of hard mail, for example, is a great way to up your twitter followers or Facebook likes. Social media is no longer just one marketing category; it is one collaborative marketing effort from beginning to end.  This is also the best way to target a person on multiple levels without them even realizing it.
  2. Have Great Content
    1. Though social media does up your visibility and reach in a customer’s mind, it can mean much more when you put out great content as well. Don’t just throw out some meaningless post that will cause viewers to keep scrolling. Include interesting pictures, videos, white paper, anything that will cause a viewer to stop and click on your content.
  3. Incentivize your Viewers
    1. If you use promos or gifts or even just a free download in your social media campaign you will incentivize your viewers to keep coming back. This will also give viewers a reason to interact which helps foster loyalty in the buying cycle.
  4. Track your Success
    1. When adding links or any type of web address on social media it is essential to eventually track those movements inside of Google Analytics. Tracking where a customer is in the buying cycle can make or break sale or purchase.  Furthermore, it will give you data to see where your campaigns are successful and where they aren’t working. You will never know if your tweet was the reason a customer viewed your website and then made a purchase if you don’t track their movements or process from social media to website and back.

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