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Making Money on the YouTube Partner Program

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You’ve probably watched a few videos on YouTube, but did you know that you can also use it to make money? YouTube’s Partner Program enables you to quickly and easily start generating a profit.

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

As a free resource for all content creators on YouTube, the Partner Program provides valuable tools to help users increase their audience, build a loyal fan base, and even make some dough while they’re at it.

In this post, we want to emphasize the latter of the three points: making money. Why? Because it just doesn’t make sense not to.

Enabling Monetization as a YouTube Partner

When you become a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you have the ability to monetize any of your eligible videos. Monetizing means that YouTube can place ads on or near your video content, and will pay you for the opportunity to do so. Eligible videos are those that you own all the necessary rights to, including the music.

Ads can be in in-stream format:

Or they can be in-video:

With in-stream, you will have a 15-30 second advertisement that viewers can skip after 5 seconds. In-video ads are text-based and appear at the bottom portion of the video content. In-stream is the more popular of the two options, and it pays out equal or higher revenue than in-video.

You can even measure the performance of different ad formats by using YouTube Analytics. If one format isn’t giving you good results, it’s easy to switch formats.

Making money with the YouTube Partner Program is a no-brainer, and if you’re already using YouTube to grow your audience (which, in 2013, is a must) then why not get a little return on your investment while you’re at it.

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