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Making Twitter Really Tweet

Tools that will help to not only manage your Twitter account, but will also provide a more efficient Twitter experience.

Most of us use Twitter on a daily basis.  Whether it’s for social purposes, to land a job, or to help expand a brand.  Whatever our reasons, we’re always looking for ways to manage the contacts in our lives.  With these 11 tools, managing your Twitter account will be as easy as 1-2-3, as you will be in control of who you choose to stay in contact with (and how), and who you decide to let go.

FollowLists allows you to group your tweeps (followers) by a specific category, making it easier for you to find a contact, or contacts.  For instance, if I wanted to create a list where I could group my friends that I have for girls night every Friday, all I’d do is type ‘Friday night girls’ in the ‘Name Your Follow List’ field, then add a name in the ‘Add Profile to List’ field, then simply click ‘Add’.  After adding the desired profiles, click on the ‘Create List’ field and my list will be created for me in seconds!

Fast Features:

  • Group lists by category.
  • Search contacts with ease.
  • Create your list using three simple steps!

TwitIQ is a monitoring tool that enables you to view real time updates.  With images and video previews, you can see what a link contains before you visit it.  TwitIQ also allows you to learn more about your followers by seeing the specialized areas of interest that they participate in.

Fast Features:

  • Tweet stream filters.
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Full Twitter view / Update features.
  • Keyword and topic insight.

Help to de-clutter your Twitter account by saying ‘Goodbye!’ to those inactive friends.  With Twitoria, you can track who has been active and those who haven’t tweeted in weeks.  All you do is type your username in the ‘Enter Your Twitter Username Here’ field, and then choose an inactive option in the drop down menu.  In a few seconds, you’ll see which of your friends you can delete so that you can free up space for more active friends.

Fast Features:

  • Delete inactive users.
  • Track user activity.

Twollo is a feature that allows people to be grouped, automatically, according to interest.  Because it is keyword based, you are able to expand your following instantly!  Twollo works in the ‘background’ which means once it’s installed, you don’t even have to think about it.  Just log in, and you’re all set to explore new friends with the same interests!

Fast Features:

  • Group users by interest.
  • Automatically performs future groupings.

It’s easy to see how many you’ve lost or gained as a follower, with TweetEffect.  Sometimes, we tweet something that people like, and sometimes we tweet something people don’t like.  As a result, our number of followers increases and decreases daily.  With TweetEffect, you’ll be able to see how many you have lost and how many you have gained.  Simply type your Twitter user ID, and click on the ‘Tell Me About My Effects!’ button.  Once the results appear, you’ll be able to gauge how popular, or unpopular your tweets really are.

Fast Features:

  • Track followers gained.
  • Track followers lost.

Tweeter Karma is a tool that will allow you to help manage your follow / follower list by revealing everyone who follows, or doesn’t follow you.  Based on your search results, you can decide if you will remain a follower or not.  There is an option to either bulk follow, or bulk un-follow.

To get started, just sign into your account, allowing Tweeter Karma to access your data.  Next, click on the ‘Whack!’ button, and simply choose to follow or un-follow accordingly.

Fast Features:

  • Follow users if they follow you, or un-follow if they don’t.
  • Bulk follow / un-follow actions.

Friend or Follow is another tool that allows you to see who you are following, that’s not following you back and visa versa.

All you do is type in your Twitter Username in the appropriate field, and then click the ‘Submit’ button.  Your results will appear shortly thereafter and you’ll be ready to tweet with active followers, as well as establish relationships with new ones.

Fast Feature:

  • See those who you follow, but don’t follow you.

Help to control what you see and what you don’t see with the Twitter client, Twalala.  This web-based tool is designed to help you filter your twitter stream by essentially “muting” undesired tweets by searching for keywords and phrases, all while preventing you from missing out on your replies or direct messages.  You can also un-mute followers at your discretion.

To start, you just login.  Once in, you will see your home stream screen.  Next, highlight the names you would like to mute, and then click on the red slash button.  To reverse a mute, simply click on the large gear at the top of the screen on the ‘Settings’ page.  That option will remain saved until you decide to change it.

Fast Feature:

  • Mute undesired tweets.

Ever wonder if your friends who haven’t met each other are following each other on Twitter?  With the Doesfollow application, you can see just that.  Doesfollow allows you to see who’s following whom, and who is receiving negative or positive responses.

Type in a name after the ‘Does’ field.  Then type another after the ‘Follow’ field.  You can also swap names using the ‘Swap’ button.  Finally, click on the ‘Check’ button.  Your results will appear shortly, leaving you to join in on the conversation!

Fast Features:

  • See who follows who.
  • Track positive / negative responses.

Discover, protect and manage your Twitter relationships by using Refollow.  With Refollow, users can see who has either left Twitter, or who has been inactive for a while.  Tweeters then have that choice to drop those people a line to bring them back into the fold, or unfollow / block them.

Refollow allows you to connect with those who follow you, but also those who you may not be following.

To use the Refollow feature, simply login.  Once you see your friend list, choose a filter of your liking.  The Refollow feature will allow you to lock those who you don’t wish to be included in your filter request.  Then, Tweet as desired!

Fast Features:

  • Keep or delete followers based on activity.
  • Connect with those who are following you, that you don’t follow.
  • See contacts who have left Twitter.

BrandChirp is a marketing tool that helps businesses expand their brand on Twitter by helping to monitor and manage brand activity.  The tool allows for greater connections in order to build your business, and helps to generate a larger customer base.

Fast Features:

  • Brand Management – Monitor the progress of your brand on Twitter.
  • Targeted Follow – Follow users based on keywords
  • Follow Stats – View the people you’re following based on tweeting activity.
  • Expand your connection base.

Hopefully, these tools will help you to design Twitter and will prove to be most effective in all of your social media needs!

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