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Are Your Marketing Efforts Driving Revenue?

Today’s Marketing Professional is a jack-of-all-trades fulfilling tasks and responsibilities that are directly related to understanding what is driving traffic to your website, using metrics to make decisions and generating good and engaging content. But what is the revenue-cycle-managementgoal? Ultimately, it’s to drive revenue.

Marketers and Marketing departments performance is no longer measured on just how many leads they generate, but how much direct revenue is generated for their organization that is tied back to marketing efforts and campaigns. As tracking and measurement methods improve, we expect that driving and measuring marketing’s impact on revenue will become a way of life.

Revenue driven marketing is how we develop repeatable prospecting programs that drive new customer acquisition and measurable sales. If you know the impact of marketing investment then it’s possible to link marketing plans to specific revenue objectives.

How do we get there? Start by defining your revenue cycle. This will allow you to define metrics and determine where improvements need to be made. When you define your revenue cycle, you provide a common organizational understanding of actions required. In addition, defining each stage in your cycle is critical to ensure reliable reporting and forecasting. With the technology available to marketers today, marketing is making a shift from art to science.

On October 16, we are going to dive a little deeper into revenue driven marketing. We will talk about the required skills today’s marketers need to succeed in driving revenue. In addition, we’ll talk about defining what to track, how to track it and how to analyze results.

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