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Marketing Hiring: A discussion between Dan London & JT Moore

I recently had Dan London, Senior Marketing Manager at Citrix/ShareFile, in the office to shoot a video as part of my Marketer Profile blog series. It’s always a pleasure to have Dan around because despite our very different companies, we share a lot of the same opinions and visions about the future of marketing. We probably talked for an hour about our challenges, what’s working and what’s not, the future of our profession, the meaning of life, etc. before shooting his interview video, and we both realized afterwards that we should of had the camera rolling.

So, after his interview, Dan suggested we just hit record and talk. There was no set topic or plan…just two marketers talking. He decided for us to talk about hiring marketers today and what we both see. The video below is the discussion.

If you enjoy the video, let us know. Dan and I are both somewhat quiet and reserved, but in this kind of situation we can talk for days. We’ll do this again if people like it.

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