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Maximize Your Budget with Google AdWords

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If your business still lacks a presence on Google Sponsored Ads, no need to fret, because we’re going to walk you through the basics on getting started with Google AdWords.  It’s quick, fairly painless, and fun (OK, it’s what you make of it).

First, what we’re trying to capture here is people searching for information. If their search is relevant to your business, you want to have a presence on Google when people are conducting these searches.  Your website can either appear naturally through SEO efforts, or you can “pay-to-play,” if you will, with your business appearing in the Sponsored Results.



Just like anything else when you sign up for something online, you need to provide them with some basic information.  In this case, you need to give Google an email address and your website.



Now let’s create your first campaign!

Before we do that, you may want to understand the AdWords structure from a high to low level:

Account/Your Website (highest) => Campaign  => Ad Group => Keywords (lowest)

There are additional bells and whistles within each of the breakouts, but these are the structural fundamentals you’ll need to get started.

Your First Campaign



Alright, time to take the plunge and take the training wheels off.  This is where the rubber hits the road. Keep in mind when going through this process that you may make changes to any of the fields below:

Daily Budget – you can set this as low or as high as you want, depending on how much you want to spend on a daily basis.  If you have a total budget, then divide that budget by the number of days.

Target Audience:

  • Locations – you can target your ads by country (for international businesses), by U.S., or even drill down to regions, cities, or postal code
  • Networks: Let’s follow the KISS principle here, and choose the Search Network only by unchecking the Display Network box
  • Keywords: No need to get too crazy here, so to start off, just add 4-6 keywords, and then you can adjust/modify down the road.
    • Note:  keep your daily budget in mind here.  For example, if your daily budget is $5, avoid targeting general keywords, like “shoes”.  Try using relevant modifiers like “shoes for women on sale,” “shoes for women with big feet,” etc.  If not, your budget will cap out quickly and your ads will only appear for a short time


Bids are the thresholds on how much you’re willing to pay for a click.  Keep in mind it doesn’t cost anything for your ad to appear (Impression); only when someone clicks on it.

Google recommends that they automatically set your bids, but keep in mind that you know your business best. Choose the “I’ll set my bids manually” option and populate your bid amount.  There is no maximum and the minimum is $0.05.

Write Your Ad

  • Landing page: This can provide where you want users to land on your website from your ad.  This should be the most relevant based on the ad.  As a rule of thumb, general terms should land users on the home page, and more specific terms, such as products, should land users on more specific pages, such as your product pages
  • Ad: Your ad consists of a headline and ad text.  Google provides tips in each area to assist you with creating these; however, choose your wording carefully because character limitations do exist, and are as follows:
    • Headline = 25 chars
    • Ad Text = 35 chars

Review your information, wipe your forehead (if necessary), and then click the save and continue button.  The hard part is now over.

Just provide your credit card information, review your account information, confirm and save, and that’s it…you’re done.  You just created your first AdWords campaign.

You’ve taken the first step to growing your business online.  Now sit back and enjoy the journey!

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