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Re-Introducing the Mobile Marketing Boot Camp by ASPE-ROI

The speed at which mobile technology is advancing is, for lack of a better term, mind-blowing. In 2009 Symbian was the dominant platform. Do you know anybody that has a Nokia smartphone anymore? Probably not, because in five short years, Android and Apple cornered the market with a combined 92% market share for smartphone platforms (Source:  comScore Report).

But the critical piece of information is that worldwide use of mobile devices in 2014 is expected to exceed 1.74 billion users according to Now more than ever, smartphones and tablets are within an arm’s length of the majority of U.S. Consumers. Given that more and more people search and browse the internet from their mobile device, marketers need to update their skillsets in order to reach that captive audience.

This is why we revitalized the ASPE-ROI Mobile Marketing Boot Camp. With so many changes to the market and mobile technology, the knowledge and skills we teach marketing professionals needed to be updated in our course. Leveraging your reach with mobile marketing has never been more relevant. The two-day Mobile Marketing Boot Camp teaches you to:

  • Develop a mobile strategy that fits with your customers’ experience
  • Use the best industry tools to get your website mobile ready
  • Convert web traffic into sales using mobile commerce
  • Optimize your mobile site
  • Plan and design your website for multiple mobile devices
  • Create emails, ads and messages that get results.
  • And much more

The Mobile Marketing Boot Camp also provides hands-on activities that explore the landscape of mobile networks, mobile email campaigns, responsive design and advertising on mobile screens. When used correctly, mobile marketing give marketers the tools to reach their audience on a personal level. Integrating your current marketing campaigns with mobile marketing is critical, and understanding the techniques and best practices give you an advantage over competitors.

For a full course outline, please visit the Mobile Marketing Boot Camp page.

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