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My Business is On Twitter, Now What?

Five Tools to Identify Contacts, Increase Followers and Monitor Your Twitter Account.

So you’ve created a Twitter account for your business and plan to use it as a marketing tool to engage in conversations with existing and potential customers, generate leads and increase ROI.  Now what?

The first step is to identify individuals and other companies on Twitter with related interests and begin following them. This will ensure your Twitter stream contains relevant, high-quality content and can help you cultivate a following.

Identifying suitable Twitter users might initially seem daunting, but luckily, there are some powerful tools available to help you find these contacts and monitor your Twitter social circle.

I. Tweepi (

Known as “the geeky way to manage your Twitter account,” Tweepi is a follower management tool, developed by ThoughtPick ( that can help you find relevant contacts and manage your account by providing customizable data about your followers and those that you are following.

It has four primary utilities.

1. Geeky Follow (

Geeky Follow can help you quickly identify Twitter users with similar interests based on their activity patterns. Simply enter the name of a user, or search for people by topic.

2. Geeky Flush (

The Geeky Flush tool identifies which Twitter users you are currently following but did not reciprocate with a return follow. You can unfollow them with two easy clicks or continue following them for quality content.

3. Geeky Reciprocate (

If you always want to follow back anyone who follows you, the Geeky Reciprocate tool will take care of this for you. It automatically follows any user who follows your account.  However, use this tool with caution, as you don’t want to clog your Twitter stream with irrelevant content.

4. Geeky Cleanup (

The Geeky Cleanup tool provides you with a list of all the users you follow, along with unique data about each. You can sort through their statistics and determine which users you no longer wish to follow (e.g. spammers, inactive users).

II. Wefollow (

Wefollow serves two purposes. First, it can help you find people to follow through a robust category-specific search feature. By searching a keyword, known as a “tag,” you have access to a list of thought leaders in a given subject area. For example, if we search “social media,” we find a list of the most influential Tweeters ( in the social media realm.

Second, it can help you build a following. Simply add your Twitter name to the database and categorize yourself by business type, industry or relevant products.

III. Twello (

Twello is a directory of public Twitter accounts and allows you to drill down into multiple search fields, using hundreds of categories, to identify Twitter users you may want to follow. This is a targeted approach to find relevant Tweeters.

IV. TwitterCounter (

TwitterCounter is a data-driven tool that measures the activity of a Twitter user, providing statistics about usage and followers. To evaluate specific Twitter users, enter their name, description, location, or URL into the search feature ( You can also generate graphs using different statistics, such as the number of followers you have earned or lost in a set time period. It can even give you an estimated growth of your followers per day.

TweetCounter’s robust capabilities are continuously growing, so it’s not surprising it is one of the most popular Twitter stat tools on the web.

V. Topsy (

Topsy is a Twitter-powered search engine. You can search for experts by category or interest, or discover the most popular photos and trending topics based on the number of times they have been shared.

Now, we’ve just briefly touched on five tools and their capabilities. Since monitoring your Twitter account is an integral part of any social media strategy, fluency with these tools and a solid understanding of how they can help you generate revenue is a must.

To learn how to leverage these and other measurement tools to increase ROI and generate leads, sign up for our Internet Marketing Implementation and Social Media classes.


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