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New Google Analytics Features

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Google Analytics has recently added to its features in the experiment platform.  Both beginners and advanced users can utilize these features to make the most out of their analysis. Users must take their campaign one step further than just gathering the data. To have the most successful outcome, users must take action on the results given. These new features allow users to do just that with a very powerful tool for A/B testing.

One benefit of the new features is specific to AdSense users. They can now link to Google Analytics in order to use AdSense revenue as an objective in experiments. This has been a long awaited feature for AdSense users and will greatly benefit the publishing community.

Another one of the new features that was added to the experiment platform is the ability for users to shift traffic within the variation settings.  These features are designed to reach the highest amount of revenue in the quickest possible way. Advanced users are now able to use their settings to allow for an equal traffic distribution across all versions of the experiment. Even though this can override the default optimization settings, if the users’ needs aren’t being met for a specific experiment, this new feature can be a great option. This addition may not be useful to everyone but provides some updated features for advanced users and those using the experiment platform.

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