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One Chance Left to Win Free Gas for a Year!

It wasn’t a rumor, ASPE is giving away Free Gas for an entire year! We’re giving three lucky winners a gas card worth $2000. If you have one of those new fangled hybrid cars, that could be enough fuel to last a lifetime! So, if you didn’t believe us before, you better believe us now. Because the second winner has been chosen which means you have only have one chance left!

Congratulations to Joy Toney of Memphis, TN!

An anyone could imagine (if you sign up now you could do more than imagine), Joy was extremely excited to be chosen as ASPE’s second Free Gas winner. Overwhelmed and at a loss for words, she finally managed to respond with the statement, “Cool!”  Thanks Joy, we think it’s pretty cool too.  She also told us she’d be even more excited once she actually got the gas card (we’re sensing a trend here). No worries, Joy! You’re pain at the pump will be over with soon enough!

So if you’re tired of pumping dollar after dollar of your hard earned money into your gas tank, spend ours instead! Register now for a chance to be ASPE’s final Free Gas Winner. The odds are in your favor, you could be next!


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