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Online Marketing: Men Better than Women?

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Who is better at online internet marketing – men or women?

Things are not always as they seem.

This is especially true in the online marketing industry, where the success of men and women account representatives is determined by two different rankings – showing two very different results.

The Client and the Data

For those of us that have worked in online internet marketing services, specifically in the role of account rep, the divide between genders is palpable.

The internet agrees.

There has been a buzz ever since a recent study on gender bias in online marketing showed that clients tend to rank male account reps higher than female reps, no matter what the seniority or experience.

Even female clients ranked women account reps lower than males…more so than male clients.

But when the study looked at the performance of online internet campaigns and marketing services, the data was clear: females outperformed males in every instance.

So while female account reps were more successful in practice, they were less successful than their male counterparts when it came to clients’ perceptions.

Why the gender bias in online internet marketing?

Are we incapable of overcoming gender bias even when we have the proof right in front of us? What is your company doing to equalize?

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