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PPC Cheat Sheet: 5 Weekly PPC “Must-Dos”

1. Review and Pause Ads 

Make sure to have at least two Ad Copy versions running in each Ad Group at all times. Look at Ad Versions to determine which ads are generating the best Conversion Rates, Cost Per Conversion, and highest Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Create New Ads

Create new ads on a weekly basis. Try different headlines, body text, word order, punctuation, etc. Use this opportunity to test offers as well. Sometimes small changes can have a surprising impact.

3. Look for Negative Keywords

You can look for negative keyword opportunities at either the Campaign or Ad Group level. Here are a few techniques to consider:

  • The best place to start is with the “See search terms” button in the Google AdWords™ interface. These lists can immediately show you if your ads are attracting traffic from search terms in ways you didn’t intend. Add irrelevant terms to your negative keywords.
  • Use Google’s Keyword Tool in the Tools section of Google AdWords™. Research the words/phrases that you are targeting in PPC, and look at Google’s suggestions – you are sure to find words that are not a match for your business. Paste irrelevant words into the Negative Keyword section of the appropriate Campaign in Google AdWords™.
  • Conduct searches on for your keywords. Looking through the results, you may find search results that give you ideas for Negative Keywords.

4. Adjusting Bids

Ideally you would check on the “top” keywords daily to ensure that bid levels are set appropriately. The top keywords are those that generate roughly 50% of your spend (this may vary, but you are looking to actively manage the keywords that eat-up most of the budget). The key factor is whether or not individual keywords are producing the desired ROI. This would be measured by Cost Per Conversion (or by Closed Sales).

5. Check the Search Query Performance Report

The search query report is now hidden in the Keywords tab under any given campaign. This report helps you find the keywords and keyword phrases that are searched when your ad is triggered. It helps you determine the exact keyword phrases that are creating more clickthroughs for your campaigns. You can even set up automated functions (scripts) to add exact match keywords to specific campaigns when they occur.

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