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Sales Training: Understanding Who is in Your Pipeline

In order to be most productive with the opportunities in your pipeline, you must understand who the people are that will facilitate your ability to move a potential sale along.

Let’s take a look at who these people are.

Your prospect.

Let’s begin with the obvious. What isn’t obvious, however, is all of the details you need to understand about your prospective customer’s world so that you have a real opportunity to earn their business. You must understand why the prospect is looking at solutions.

Other things you need to understand are what options your prospects have besides your solution, and what other issues they are dealing with as bigger pressing issues will cause your deal to stall in many cases. Don’t let this surprise you. Instead, increase your knowledge of your prospect’s world.

Your partners.

Channel partners, strategic partners and referral partners all can affect revenue in your pipeline. Are you communicating with them on a regular basis? How can you help them help you?

Your internal team.

If you don’t have internal support for your opportunities, specifically the large ones, you need to sit down with those involved and get everyone on the same page. Determine if this is profitable business.

You (yes, you).

Sales representatives ruin opportunities to make sales every day by “rookie” mistakes. Some of them include:

• assuming that you understand the prospect’s full scenario

• poor internal communication with your organization

• poor communication with the prospect

• slow follow-up

You must look at your pipeline as “a living document” and determine what it is telling you. Understanding all of the people involved will help you greatly. Better pipeline understanding leads to better pipeline management which leads to enhanced ability to move your opportunities along.

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