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SEO Top 5 Factors For 2013

1. User Experience

User experience is the top priority for weighted SEO factors with multiple Google algorithm updates pointing directly at providing the best possible experience for each individual user. What does this translate to? Easy better, content. thought provoking, emotionally gripping content that makes you want to immediately share with peers. Google’s main goal is to provide a user with content as closely related as possible to one’s search. If you, as a user, consistently search for something and don’t find what you are looking for, ultimately you are going to find another search engine.

2. Page Title Relevancy To Content

Page title continues to be among top weighted SEO factors, according to multiple recent Google publications. This is one SEO piece that must be addressed if you want to ensure proper page rank within Google. Continued Google algorithm updates lend relevancy directly the to page’s content, which allows Google to make an immediate judgment to whether or not your title matches the content of the page. More often than not, semantic relevance diminishes rapidly between keywords in the page title to keywords in the body of the content. These two must be in sync in order for Google to view your content as relevant to a user’s search criteria.

3. Page Load Times

Page load time requirements have been prevalent for some time, however more focus is being put on each page versus the entire site. This is especially true with PPC landing pages, and how they affect your overall ad scores. Google relates a good user experience with pages that load quickly, so make sure you keep your images optimized for the web, your JavaScript loading from specific classes, and unnecessary code removed from the page. If you are unsure of how your pages are doing, you can always check your Google Analytics account under Content Site ->Speed.

4. Not Over SEO’ing Your Site

Google is all about being fair at every level. Penguin was released in 2012, and one of its main algorithmic changes was penalizing sites that were considered over optimized by Google. A few signs of over optimization may include.

Spammy page titles.

This includes page titles that are consistently too long (which some search engine optimizers say is more than 64 characters). Also, keyword stuffing inside the title is a common practice of an overly optimized site. TIP: Make sure your title is easily readable by a human.

Excessive anchor text in backlinks

This is one of the purest examples of over optimization. Using link text that are keywords instead of a site name or URL will typically get flagged in this scenario. If you have too many of these, it’s possible that you may be over-optimizing your SEO efforts.

Excessive footer links

Based on user experience and testing, Google knows that most people don’t scroll to the footer or even see it on a site. Too many links in your footer may raise a flag with Google. Try to limit your footer to non-critical elements of your site like a privacy policy or terms and conditions links, to name a few.

5. Content Over Link Building

This one is sure to ruffle some feathers. Content is typically known as the pillar of any marketing campaign. It’s now truer than ever in the SEO world. Content by itself is not considered a ranking factor, which is what most optimizers will say when arguing that link building is preferred to content. However, how do you build links without actually having good quality content that’s relative to the user? Remember, Google awards good user experience, so the better the content, the better the user experience. Overall, a compelling content strategy will lead to more sharing, which in turn will lead to repeat visitors, which inevitably leads to more links. This is the true definition of organic ranking, and where Google is trying to go with it’s multiple algorithm updates.

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