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So You Think You Can Do YouTube Marketing

Here at ASPE we believe YouTube marketing is an irreplaceable online marketing platform. Being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has become a revolutionary video-sharing platform that has been responsible for earning companies millions.

We specifically designed our new YouTube Marketing Boot Camp course because we have observed companies both large and small continuously prosper from successful YouTube Marketing.

Just as with any other social media platform, there are good practices to implement with YouTube marketing. Below are 5 YouTube marketing tips to begin with.

Closed Captions (Transcripts)

It’s amazing how many YouTube videos are lacking the Closed Captions feature. Video transcriptions are useful for those who have difficultly hearing or would prefer to visually follow along with the video. The SEO value they provide is even more valuable. YouTube and Google search engines scan all text fields including any text in Closed Captions. The keywords included in this text will help your video content to be found more easily by relevant users.

Updating Old Content

Updating content is an easy way to show YouTube that your channel is active and useful. Old content that has not been updated will rarely show up in searches. Keeping content fresh will help give it a better chance of showing up in search results. Simple ways to update content on old videos could include changing video titles, YouTube video descriptions or adding Closed Captions.

Remember YouTube is a Social Network

Everyone knows that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are social media websites but often times YouTube is forgotten. In reality, YouTube is just as much of a social website as any of the other ones. Therefore, treat it as you would any other social media site! Engage with your audience, subscribe to other users content, comment and respond to other videos – not only will this develop stronger relationships with your audience but it will provide great brand awareness and promotional benefits

Using Analytics

We include this piece of advice in practically every social media advice post for a reason; analytics can not be ignored. YouTube has its own analytics system that can be found under the Video Manager tab. This information can provide information on your most watched videos, who is watching them and how they were discovered. This information can then be used to make conclusions on what things work and what doesn’t work.

Using Calls to Action through YouTube Annotations

As long as they are not overused, YouTube annotations can be carefully placed into video content to provide additional information. This could be a website URL, a link to another video or a call to action. Annotations can be an effective way to send traffic from the video to the desired location.

Embed Your Videos

Many blogs and websites do not want to fragment their audience by sending them to another website to view their video. This is why using the embedding ability to put a YouTube video on your actual site is a great way to use YouTube videos without distracting your audience away from your site. An important step to consider with embedding videos is to make sure to Sitemap the video on Google so that both the video and your website is accurately provided SEO power.

These 5 YouTube Marketing tips are a great place to start. If you are interested in making YouTube a critical part of your marketing efforts we would strongly encourage you to begin with our personal YouTube consulting or look into our YouTube Marketing Training course to give you the skills you need to be an expert.

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