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Social Media Salaries in 2013

Social media is an evolving and cutting-edge field filled with all types of marketing people, so it’s no surprise that one can command a good salary.  However, that salary difference can vary greatly depending on your title and location.  For example, the a social media specialist in San Jose, CA, makes an average of 50 percent more money than someone with a similar position in Phoenix, AZ.

Now that most companies are past the notion that social media efforts are free, many are racing to hire the right people with competitive salaries. We now also have some good metrics as to averages for how much people earn in this positions.  A study from demonstrates 20 different markets in the United States and salaries for various jobs in the space.  These ranged in locations from New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin and Denver to name a few.  The following is the breakdown in percentages of social media job titles.

Social Media Job Titles:

  • 30%   Blogger/Social Media Content Writer
  • 27%   Social Media Marketing Manager
  • 16%   Social Media Strategist
  • 14%   Social Media Specialist
  • 7%     Public Relations/Brand Manager
  • 5%     Online Community Manger

One thing that stands out dramatically is the decline of the brand manager position and how things are shifting dramatically to those who engage with current or potential customers.  More importantly, the winner of these title breakdowns goes to the position where content creation is the main job requirement.  The next bit of information is salary ranges by city and job title.  The salary ranges represent 25% and 75% percentile for each job title in each city as obtained from

With social media here to stay, we will continue to see brands hiring for these positions within marketing departments. We may also see teams forming that are dedicated to social media within several different departments. Whatever the case may be, content creation seems to be a core skill in each of these positions and will continue to be more and more vital to any social media position.  These positions are here to stay.  Are you ready to make the jump?


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