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The Surprising Way to Earn a REAL Marketing Education

A marketing degree from a fancy business school is great but is earning your degree really worth the stress, time, and money? Although it’s a necessary evil to get your foot in the door, the best way to learn effective marketing skills is not in the classroom from academics but out in the world through hands on experience and various resources provided by real marketers. The professors teaching at business schools are qualified academics but most of them have little to no hands on marketing experience on their resumes. The people best qualified to teach marketing are busy creating revenue. There is nothing wrong with a traditional education. That is where most careers start and having a degree definitely makes you more marketable to employers but if you want to take your marketing education to the next level it’s going to take more than a degree.

Many top marketing professionals share their knowledge by making it available online and the best part about- it’s FREE! There are several ways to obtain valuable marketing knowledge and at a fraction of the cost of attending one of the top business schools. Some of the best information can be obtained through web seminars, books by top marketing professionals, and individual courses taught by instructors that work in the field. Knowledge gained through experience is far more valuable than anything that could be taught in a traditional classroom.

ASPE offers a variety of resources and training options on marketing and topics across the board. Free web seminars, white papers, and training courses are all at your fingertips. There are so many different resources out there, some better than others, but here are some to get you started on your way to a REAL marketing education.

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