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The Care and Keeping of Your Mobile Web & Why It Shouldn’t Be Neglected

In the constant search to maximize sales, many businesses today are missing huge opportunities through a market that lies right in front of them. This is the mobile market. Mobile web should not be underestimated. In fact, in 2012 desktop search volume declined for the first time. A recent report in eMarketer, “State of Mobile Search 2013: Key Trends in Mobile SEO & SEM” found that the share of queries from smart phones and tablets reached approximately 20%.

Further research indicates that around 73% of mobile searches directly result in additional action and conversions. Many of these actions involve visiting a retailer website, 71% of the time being on mobile only. Other results of mobile searches include continued research, sharing information and word of mouth, visiting a store or service location, calling a business, and making a purchase in person and often times through the mobile device itself.

In general, there are two distinct ways a company can choose to go when deciding to move into mobile web. The first is by developing a website through the mobile web and the second is developing an app. The Daily SEO Blog provides the following chart in a recent post displaying the pros and cons of each option

Regardless of which direction a company chooses to take, there are some basic things to understand and consider in mobile search. First, it is important to realize that while mobile search is drastically growing in popularity, many people do not yet feel comfortable with the mobile web. Here are the top 3 barriers in theU.S.for purchasing on smart phones:

  1. Prefer to use computer/laptop – 65%
  2. Doesn’t feel secure – 38%
  3. Too complicated – 12%

Understanding people’s concerns and complaints for mobile web can help businesses know where to focus.

Below are a few important concepts every company should consider when going mobile:

  1. Insure the site has a mobile-focused presence – this involves reorganizing content to be correctly displayed on mobile devices. Re-designing the layout and user navigation of the site so it has ease of use on mobile devices is critical. Consider the content that is displayed on the mobile site. Should limited content be displayed on the site’s mobile version? Is there certain content that would be more relevant to mobile users that should have a stronger focus and easier access? Perhaps the mobile site contains entirely new features not available or relevant on the non mobile site.
  2. Optimize the site – Many companies get so caught up in the idea of going mobile, fundamental optimization strategies are completely forgotten. This includes steps to increase search visibility such as relevant descriptive titles and content and optimizing landing pages for apps in the site. Optimizing the speed of the site is also particularly important for a mobile site since there are higher speed restrictions in mobile networks and CPU capabilities.
  3. Cross promote between multi-device presences – Create awareness of the multi-device web through promoting the mobile web version or app through various existing web versions. This insures that the user is receiving the best possible experience on whatever device they are using or at the very least, aware that the option is available. It is important for a business to be able to effectively identify the type of device a user is using so it can provide the correct web version.
  4. Measure – A business can not effectively improve its site without data. Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to keep track of traffic, keywords, trends, and conversions. Having this information makes it possible for a business to know what they are doing right as well as what they can improve on.

It’s time to face the facts. It is a crazy and fast paced world out there and it is just getting faster! Many companies who do not have a mobile web presence would significantly prosper if they did and are losing business daily as a result. It is time to take the web and SEO to a new level and embrace the mobile world.

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