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Top 10 Most hated Internet Marketing Phrases

10. Cheap Original Content

Otherwise known as recycled, machine generated and most notably, outsourced. You see this almost everywhere you go in some shape or form on the right side of those mysterious blogs you don’t know if you should trust.

9. Mutually Beneficial Relationships

This one is heard from CEOs of Agencies all of the time. They often find their employees playing buzzword bingo with this phrase and all the words we use on a daily basis talking to customers trying to sound smart.

8. Discovery Facilitation Meeting

In other words, I just want to come in and talk to you for an hour and figure out your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

7. Number 1 Ranking in Google ****GUARANTEED****

If you see this anywhere, RUN the other way as fast as you can. With Google changing their algorithm often and making small updates almost daily, this is an impossible feat. Remember  the first page of Google is usually attainable pretty quickly. However, moving up the ladder on the first page is what takes the most time.

6. Affordable SEO Services

A commonly used oxymoron in the SEO arena, affordable generally equates to low quality because of some sort of automation processes that someone has put in place hoping Google won’t discover them. Guess what? – Google know everything!

5. 1000 Links in 10 Days

Even though this is now widely known as a black hat tactic amongst the SEO community, people still advertise this way. If you are a small business, don’t fall for the hype that getting more links directly equates to more traffic. Focus on helping the people on your site by creating content relevant to what they are looking for. One of Google’s primary focuses is user experience.

4. You Bounce Rate is Out of Control

Another fantastic line for a salesperson to get your attention. Little do they know – you read this newsletter and know a snake oil salesman when you hear one. Remember that bounce rates are only important when looking at a specific page or goal. Typically the metric that is most looked at.

3. Webinar

Voted the number 1 most hated word in 2007. Webinar has now been repurposed into a more meaningful phrase of “Web Seminar.” In my opinion, this is so much easier to say. (And here at ASPE, we believe that another unicorn dies every time someone uses the “word” webinar”)

2. Social Media Guru

We can thank Twitter for fostering an extreme-fed bacterial growth of Social Media Guru’s. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of an antidote floating around to decipher the good ones from the bad. It’s much more than just retweeting Mashable posts Mr./Mrs. Social Media Guru.

And drumroll please…

1. Myspace

Enough said.

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