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Top 10 Most Interesting Ads of 2013 (So Far)

A review of 10 interesting ads 2013 has provided us with so far.

10. Whiskas Big Cat, Small Cat campaign

9. Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial: The Farmer

Striking still imagery and sentiment.

8. Internet Explorer

Children of the 90s will appreciate this, even if they are a Chrome groupie.

7. Guitar Player Magazine’s Nothing goes right when music goes wrong print ads

Making fun of teen pop sensations never gets old. They have another one that compares 1985 music and fashion trends.


6. Nate Walsh’s Tanry on Craigslist

In his own words, he created an ad with the “What would a drunken, profane second-grader do?” to sell his 14-year-old, beat up Camry.


5. Lego print advertising

From going beyond reality on Mars to kids taking apart technology, Lego goes a step further and positions themselves as metaphoric building blocks as well. 

4. Pepsi Max’s Test Drive with Jeff Gordon

You be the judge of whether you think the car salesman is reality or an actor. Either way, it’s fun to watch.

3. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

This online ad for Dove racked up more than 35 million views on YouTube in two weeks.


2. Oreo: You Can Still Dunk in the Dark

This real-time tweet campaign during the Super Bowl power outage was fun and one of the best examples of how real-time, Agile marketing can be effective. If you were following the Twitter feed that night, you probably remember this better than 90% of the actual paid commercials.

1. AT&T It’s Not Complicated commercials

Modern take on Bill Cosby’s Kid’s Say the Darndest Things. 


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