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Top 10 SEO Changes That Will Affect Marketers in 2014

1. The continual search algorithm change — We will see Google monitor­ing the time it takes for a user to click on a listing in the search engine result page and then click back to Google.  It will also take into account if the user refines their search and then chooses an alternate listing.

2. Higher penalties for link manipulation — Google will still place value on natural link building and will continue to adjust its algorithm to identify the difference between natural shareable content versus paid, unnatural link building.

3. The Disavow Tool — Google will continue to put stock into the disavow tool in order to allow companies to identify potential spammy links. Google is very good at identifying these. However, with the amount of SEO companies out there creating spammy links, it’s a great way for companies to help identify these links that will hurt their overall search ranking.

4. Guest Blogging — Google is starting to crack down on people doing guest blogging in order to just get good links back to their site.  They will identify these guest blog posts that are just regurgitating content for the sake of link value instead of building content that will actually benefit users.

5. Google Authorship —  While we have seen some impacts regarding Google Authorship, look for this feature from Google to greatly improve and see many enhancements in regards to SERP rankings based on one’s Google Authorship status.

6. Page Centric Search — Since Google decided to not pass keyword information to Google Analytics anymore, marketers will now have to depend more on Google Web Master Tools as well as take a more topical or themed approach when optimizing for search.

7. Google Plus & Social — These factors will continue to play an important role in Search in 2014. Google Plus is now the second largest social network and is the backbone for many Google products.

8. Mobile SEO Factors — One thing that Google is seeing is a definite rise in mobile search. While it will scramble to figure out what needs to happen on the PPC side of the house for mobile, expect to continue to see updates regarding mobile optimization

9. Hummingbird — With the increase use in voice search and the rise in mobile, Hummingbird’s main goal will be to give the user the best experi­ence possible.  You will start to see semantic search for the masses catch on really quickly and a better experience with Knowledge Graph.

10. Better Content Creation — Everyone has been talking about content is king. With content saturation at an all-time high, content creation is not something that just needs to be done in 2014. It needs to be done better than everyone else. It’s not about 300 to 500 words anymore. The content that is getting ranked is well over 2,000 words per post and ultimately is shared through several social channels.

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