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Top 10 SEO Pick Up Lines

Internet marketers, we have 10 great SEO pickup lines for you to try on that special someone.

Please Note: We take no responsibility for the outcome

10. Hi… I wish I could find the words to describe your beauty, but every time I open my mouth it’s keyword (not provided) that comes out


9. Hey there…you know, you have definitely exceeded the maximum keyword density for beautiful


8. Hey there good lookin – you will always be a 301 redirect to my 404


7. I love you more than links from Google itself


6. An SEO specialist approaches a group of women at a conference and says, “What’s SERP ladies?”


5. If I were Google, I would totally rank you number 1 for “hottie”


4. I would never hold you down, but I would LOVE to be your anchor text


3. Is it too soon to exchange links?


2. Talk to the landing page honey, because the home page ain’t listening!


1. I love you so much. I wouldn’t even share you on Google +


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