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Top 10 Social Media Predictions for 2013

Accessing Social Networks from Mobile Devices Will Dramatically Increase

With a 30% increase of the mobile device usage year over year, coupled with the increase in available mobile technology, we could possibly see as much as 65% of the current population of internet users accessing social networks from mobile devices. This number is staggering in itself. The major social networks are also taking advantage of this and rolling out new technology on their platforms in order for advertisers to begin pushing their messages through these channels.

Google+ Will Bridge the Search and Social Gap

Google is making every effort to increase functionality inside Google+. Their latest improvements have been tying in SEO value to the giant social network. Through authorship and other new features, users will benefit greatly from creating quality content, resulting in higher social proof through Google searches. Google is beginning to give much higher rank to posts found in Google+ and posts shared throughout ones network.

Salespeople Will Embrace Social Selling

Social selling is a hot topic right now and will continue to grow in 2013. Many salespeople are gaining a new understanding of relationship selling and using social media tools to establish foundational relationships that are mutually beneficial

Social Search Will Increase

Social networks have always tried to figure out how to allow users to search for data while in social mode. Unfortunately, up to this point, people are still either in search mode or social mode. Facebook and Google are both making pushes for people to be able to “search” while in a social network. This will become more prevalent in 2013.

Pinterest Will Continue to Grow in B2B

It’s no secret that Pinterest will continue to boom in 2013. It’s almost cheating to say that this is a prediction. However, the major gains will be what brands do to build their communities around Pinterest boards and repining of quality content. Pinterest will also be rolling out new features at a rapid rate this year in order to support consumers and businesses alike.

Mobile Advertising in Social Networks Will Grow

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is making a huge mobile-only push for advertising. We will continue to see this refined and grow. Google search on mobile is also morphing and functionality will be changing.

Social TV

Water cooler talks about popular TV programs are going to continue on social networking sites, the difference being real-time comments. People won’t wait until the next day to meet their colleagues and discuss the TV show. Instead, the TV channels will provide a social networking facility to share their comments when the programs are being aired. When something the viewers dislike is aired on a show, the fans are going to march right onto its socialnetworking page and bombard the show with their comments.

Further Enhancements in Social Advertising

Monetizing the social networks has always been a prime concern among investors at every level. We have seen major strides with Facebook becoming more and more granular in their targeted advertising. We are now starting to see the beginning of a cookie-based advertisement in social networks based on what you have previously search for using Google. It’s almost scary how “real-time” this is becoming. If you are a marketing, start paying attention to those right side Facebook ads and take notice-your previous searches in Google will appear there.

Content Marketing Positions Will Become More Available

As social media gurus figure out that everything is going toward content marketing, you will notice people calling themselves content marketing consultants versus social media gurus. However, companies will start leaning toward people that can create content and have the writing skills behind them in order to do so. Companies will realize that in order to be competitive in social media, a content marketing strategy is imperative and foundational to any successful marketing program. This will create an internal need in companies to find these resources versus outsourcing them.

Find Your Content Marketing Mission Statement

With content marketing starting to reach maturity among most marketing teams, a need for a consistent content marketing strategy will be pivotal in the success of future social media campaigns. Editorial calendars will make a come back as well as the need for high-end writing skills for quality content production. Content marketing is here to stay, what does your content marketing strategy look like?

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