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TripAdvisor Partnering with Microsoft to Provide a Better Experience for Travelers

Let’s Travel…To Another Engine!

It’s no secret that I spent a number of years working at Google and still spend my days working with clients who manage search and social campaigns. In 2005, the basics of search were simple and succinct:  focus on the user. While the user is still (and always will be) front and center, the means by which we get to that user have become more complex, costly, and sometimes confusing.

Over the last few months, I’ve been reconnecting with all search engines regardless of which one I’ve always searched on and have been exploring the behind-the-scenes of each. How does each engine look at quality? What does quality mean? What about my dollars? How far can I stretch this budget and for how long?

This week Trip Advisor announced an “experience” with Microsoft to help provide a better experience for travelers. If you’re on the prowl for holiday hotel booking, you’ll soon see TripAdvisor price comparisons embedded in your Bing results. As a consumer, it is an easier process for me to search for the right hotel, but this presents new opportunities for marketers working in the travel vertical.

In addition to showing up via TripAdvisor on Bing results, travel advertisers will be able to view community reviews and ratings without leaving the page. This creates a more integrated customer experience and a layer of customer feedback that may have been missing in the past when someone didn’t check reviews before booking. Now I can look at hotels, read reviews, and click to book without navigating away from the engine.

Hoteliers and travel advertisers alike may not be only looking into TripAdvisor listings, but may consider running paid search on Bing to supplement those searches. In fact, if you’re trying to stretch a budget and expand on to Bing, you’ll be happy to know that the average cost per click on Yahoo! Bing for the travel vertical is $0.64 while it was $0.83 on AdWords, according to an AdGooroo special report.

Read more about the new experience TripAdvisor is creating with Microsoft.

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