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Twitter Best Practices

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Getting Creative with the Blue Bird

TwitterBirdBreaking through the noise of social media can be a challenge like no other. With 500 million tweets sent per day, you may feel a little “fluttered” when it comes to creating your own unique messages. Thankfully, your social best practices (as provided by Twitter) are included here to get you started.

1. Short and Sweet – the way to Tweet!

Are you familiar with the KISS principle? The idea of keeping it simple can be easily applied to your tweets. Keeping your tweets short and to the point can go a long way. Twitter is all about simplicity. With a 140 character limit, users can easily read and digest information from your brand on-the-go with very little time investment. Remember to also keep your tweets conversational – think of the brand voice and the person behind the Twitter handle. Channel that inner voice and share it!

2. Tweet Early and Often:

The early bird gets the worm and if he comes back for more worms? Even better! Twitter is focused on frequency and just-in-time access to information. New, social happenings, and relevant business information will keep your followers engaged and interested in what your brand has to say. An inactive Twitter account tells users there’s no one home and who want’s that? Depending on your audience, purpose of social media, and overall objectives, you may find your social sweet spot. Cast a wider net with tweeting a few times a day and then modify your tweeting frequency based on the engagement you see from your followers. Twitter also encourages that you set up a Tweet schedule and “Make it a Habit.

3. Personalizing with @

Whenever I find myself in a service environment (shopping, on the phone, etc.), I always make a point to call someone by their name. Things always feel more personal when we connect with someone using their name. This is especially true online. Consumers share feedback about your brand or engage in online discussion thinking they’re one in a million. Twitter unleashes the power of personalizing your social media efforts by using the @ symbol to Tweet back to them. Someone gives your brand kudos? Give them a shout out and show that you hear them loud and clear. This approach is especially relevant in handling social activities where your business may need a little boost.

Check out some of the other Twitter Best Practices and incorporate these the next you find yourself looking for inspiration.

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